• 3 Outstanding Productivity Secrets of Sports Champions

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    Greatness is a quality that normally lies within all of us. However, not many are aware of this fact and the traits that make a person exceptional might just be sitting on them without any use. The difference between ordinary sportsmen and sports champions lies in the power to realize that they have unlimited potential […]


  • Hack Your Chronotype: 20 Techniques to Deal with Low Energy


    There is nothing quite like trying to stay awake when you are tired at work. It can affect your mood and more importantly, productivity. To combat this, we tend to turn to sugary energy drinks and soda or coffee. However, research has shown that there are actually four major chronotypes – which is reflective of […]


  • How to Rise Up to The Challenges of Starting a Business

    Starting your own business poses a number of unique challenges you rarely see in the regular, 9 to 5 type of jobs. A traditional job requires you to finish a certain task in a given amount of time. While entrepreneurship deals with finding just the right elements and combining them into a cohesive structure that […]


  • 6 Steps to Pain-Free Traveling for Back Pain Sufferers

    7 Steps to Pain-Free Traveling for Back Pain Sufferers

    When it comes to “things that make back pain worse,” hanging out at the top of the list is always some form of “prolonged sitting when traveling.” For chronic back pain sufferers, travel may seem daunting because whether you’re stuck in a car or on a plane, it’s simply not as easy to get up, […]


  • How Belief Works: 7 Tips for Developing Greater Self-Belief

    How Belief Works: 7 Tips for Developing Greater Self-Belief

    Belief and our self-belief are complex things. Mastering them, though, can be a key to success. Having a greater level of belief in yourself and understanding that you should be far more confident in yourself is important. So, how do you achieve it? 1. Think positive. We all have the power to choose our thoughts […]


  • How to Find Business Loans When You Have Bad Credit

    Tool of The Week: How to Use Alexa to Check Website Rankings [Video Review]

    Credit is one of the most important things to the average person’s financial profile. You’ll find that the better your credit is, the better the terms of almost any deal you can make with people and businesses. The most widely-used assessment of your credit-worthiness is your FICO score, and there are several ways you can […]


  • 4 Tips to Track Your Remote Employees’ Progress Without Demoralizing Them

    Through the past decade, the work from home option proved to be a popular bargaining power delegated to employees. Contrary to the old-style corporate practice requiring employees to grind it out 9-5 exclusively at the business’ premises, employees are given more flexibility and breathing space as this millennium progresses. On a collection of telecommuting statistics […]


  • Tips for Businesses with Multiple Cultures

    Most people take their own culture for granted. They are generally unaware of the cultural rules and biases that they live by and that affect their daily interactions.  Culture is rarely formally taught and generally passed down through subconscious absorption of the actions of others.  However, if you open your mind to different cultures, particularly […]


  • 5 Important Steps to Getting Your First After-College Job


    It seems unfair. You’ve worked hard throughout your university only to then have to work hard to find a job. It doesn’t even seem like having gone to college gives you that much of advantage. So why did you work yourself so far into debt, right? Well, I’m here to tell you two things. First […]


  • Why I’m Removing Thousands of Comments on The Blog

    The 9 Best CRM Software Solutions for Businesses

    One of the controversial topics in the blogging world has always been this: to allow blog comments or not? While it depends on the platform we’re talking about and the type of audience, both can work. But I’ve finally decided to not just delete all comments I’ve received over the years, but also remove the […]