Summer is finally at our doorsteps and people are starting to spend more and more time outside. Whether it’s grabbing a cup of ice tea with your friends or treating yourself to a couple of scoops of ice-cream, we tend to spend significantly more money in summer than in winter.

For those looking for a way to make some side cash, here are seven different job opportunities you should definitely look into.

1. Babysitting.

This is an ideal option for teenagers and college kids, and works excellent for those living in quieter, kid-friendly parts of the town.

Go around the neighborhood and don’t be afraid to simply walk up to a door and ask your neighbors whether they’re interested in your babysitting services.

This works best with young couples who’d still like to go out every now and again but often can’t because they have to stay home and watch the kids.

Alternatively, you can print out a couple of ads and hand them out in front of the mall or any other place full of people circulating around.

2. Dog walking.

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Unlike babysitting, where you can only take care of one client at the time, dog walking allows you to take on multiple clients at the same time and walk a couple of dogs at once. Again, asking around the neighborhood is a fine idea, as long as you have a lot of dog owners in your neighborhood.

Alternatively, you can print out ads and tape them around your general area or post them online.

You can also use various social media platforms to look for dog walking opportunities. Let your friends know that you’d be more than happy to help them out for a small fee in case they don’t have the time to do it themselves.

3. Shopping for others.

Shopping for others is a trend which has seen a rather large increase over the last couple of years.

This comes as a no surprise once you consider just how busy people can get and how quickly our professional work tends to seep into our personal lives.

You can browse some of the online businesses which offer these kinds of services or you can open your own. People will simply send you their shopping lists and addresses where the items are to be delivered.

Just make sure you don’t mess up your order or forget to add an important item to your shopping cart.

4. Rent out a room.

There are numerous options when it comes to renting out space, but Airbnb offers leading services in this business.

Renting out space can be very lucrative depending on your location, but also during concerts, festivals and even trade shows.

Being a good host is important, but so is keeping the space clean, tidy and stocked with the necessary toiletries you’d normally expect from a hostel or a hotel such as soap, toilet paper and towels.

Here are some tips on how to get more bookings when renting out a room on Airbnb.

5. Online surveys.

There are numerous options for those who’d like to find a good way to make money online, but completing surveys is one of the easiest currently available options.

Normally, it takes just a couple of minutes to complete a specific survey and most services offer a point-based system where a certain amount of points can be traded for cash.

There are also services that offer various rewards, credits and prize entries, which explains why more and more people prefer this option of making cash compared to other, far more demanding ones.

As you can see, making some extra money is really not that difficult, although it does require some patience and persistence.

These are just some of the currently available opportunities to make some side cash but have in mind that no matter what work it is, as long as you’re good at it, you probably can get paid for it.

6. Give freelancing a try.

Freelancing has become increasingly popular as of late.

Numerous companies are trying to churn out bigger profits while keeping their workforce small and more importantly, flexible. This means that most of their workers will be hired only when there’s a specific task that needs to be accomplished.

There are various websites you can check out, including Freelancer and Upwork, that offer various freelancing jobs. All you have to do is a register, fill out the necessary information and look for the job that best fits your current abilities.

7. Make money as a photographer.

If you have a solid camera, you can always make money by taking photographs. There’s a lot of websites that will pay you for a good photography and sell your work as stock photos, such as Bigstock, Dreamstime and Shutterstock.

As with all work, it’s important that your photography is top-notch, but also currently in high-demand.

What other job opportunities have you heard of that allow you to earn extra cash in a short time?

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This post was written by Alex Williams, a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger.