5 Efficiency Hacks for When You're Selling & Moving House

Selling your house and moving soon? 

Awesome! While this is an exciting time, we know that a decision as big as moving is taxing on our bodies and minds.

Keep reading to discover five of our awesome hacks to make your transition as efficient as possible. 

1. Be Open to Selling Outside the Traditional Market

Going the traditional route of selling a home might be for some, but not for everyone. With brokerage fees, closing costs, house showings, and more, putting your house on the regular housing market and waiting for a buyer is an exhaustingly long process.

Some people opt to sell their homes privately or work with a house buyer in their local area. Whether sellers want to skip dealing with realtors, have a property that’s not in great shape for selling, or need to sell their house fast, it’s often more efficient to sell outside the market. 

2. Begin Prepping & Planning Early

Speaking to the previous point, if you’re interested in selling your home, it’s never too soon to start prepping and planning. The housing market is bustling, so it’s in your interest to enter the race, prepped and ready to run. 

Prepping means contingency planning for all scenarios of selling your old home and moving into your new place. Preparedness is even more crucial if you’re moving out of the state or country, as the process for big moves is way more time-intensive than for local relocations. 

3. Rent a Dumpster 

With selling comes moving, so there’s never a better time to start de-cluttering your life. But too many homeowners waste time driving to and from the dump to take their old or dilapidated items. 

Make your life more efficient and productive by scheduling a rented dumpster.

Of course, this depends on how much you anticipate you’ll end up tossing. But don’t fall into the endless trap of booking rental vans and making multiple trips to and from your house to the county dump just to get rid of your stuff. 

4. Take Time Off Work to Make Your Sell & Move Happen

Selling your home requires a lot of viewings, meetings, and paper signing. And moving often takes multiple days or longer from start to stop. 

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to get everything done in your spare time after work or on the weekends. If you have the days to take off work, take advantage of those benefits. 

Not only will you get more done, but you’ll find that you’re less stressed thanks to the efficiency of setting aside time to sell and move. 

5. Hire Professional Movers 

Many people underestimate just how much professional moving companies can help you with the moving process and try to move on their own.

Professional movers go through training to move and transport your stuff efficiently. Not only will it give you and your body a break, but it will also allow you to buy back some of your time (our most valuable currency).

Hire the pros and give yourself time to do the essential things in your life. 

Final Thoughts

Some points on this list may not be feasible, but that’s okay. Each of them is worth considering if you want to make selling and moving houses as efficient and productive as possible. 

Moving is a big decision. That’s why it pays to make these stressful times as efficient and productive as possible and doing the necessary research to get your home ready to sell. By implementing one of these hacks, you’ll improve your overall quality of life in what’s already a stressful time.