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Happiness is to be satisfied with what you have, to accept things without trying to force them and change the consequences, to find beauty in anything and to want to share these feelings with others.

It’s a state you can reach right now, without having to move, do or say anything. You just need to realize, to understand how perfect things are, to count your blessings, to breathe deeply with a smile, look around and experience what you see.

Happiness is an inner state, it’s your birthright, it’s easy and simple and requires just a little change in your mindset and the way you look at things.

Also, it’s a habit. It’s practiced by repeated actions and soon you’ll do it on autopilot.

Happiness is right here, at this very moment, even if you’re feeling lonely and the world is filled with uncertainty. It’s in you, and everywhere around you. It’s in the things you love doing, in the things you have but take for granted, in being kind to others and to yourself.

To some extent, happiness is salvation. An escape from everything negative, harmful, depressing, complex and unpleasant just by leaving it behind and replacing it for joy, contentment and peace.

Last but not least, happiness is the ultimate freedom. It’s a place where you let go of worries, past and future, anger, fears and regrets. So, here’s how to stay happy during quarantine, social distancing and really, through any crisis:

Be aware

First, you need to become aware of the things you have. Because you do have many things.

Think about the people in your life – family, friends, people who have helped you and supported you through hard times.

Remember every teacher of yours, mentor, stranger, colleague, even those who have insulted or betrayed you. And thank for having the chance to learn the lesson they were meant to teach you. Because every person we encounter on our way is meant to be there. He teaches us something we can understand only if we are aware of that and are willing to learn from it.

Become aware of the things you have. Your home, job, places to go, clothes, technologies, the toys you played with, your books and so on.

Even if you don’t live a luxurious life, you still have things that you use daily. Be aware of them and don’t take them for granted.

Be conscious of the things you do every day, the ones we don’t even think of.

Each day you eat a couple of times, most often food you love that tastes and looks so good, you take a shower whenever you want and use the amount of water you wish. You have electricity and it allows you to do so many different things.


To appreciate is to see the beauty in everything, to notice little things and thank for them, to realize that what you have or do right now is amazing. Because others would give everything to have it.

Appreciation comes from within. Actually, everything beautiful comes from there. You need to practice it so that it becomes a habit and once it does, everything will seem different to you and you’ll be much more contented with life.

Appreciate things as they are now – yes, even if it’s hard to find a reason to wake up in the morning, even if you’re practicing social distancing, even if all your favorite activities outside, travel plans and events are taken from you, even when the economy is crashing.

All the circumstances, no matter how bad you consider them to be, are perfect just the way they are. And even if you’d like to change them, you first need to accept them. That will instantly make you happier.

Many people have turned to therapy in the middle of the pandemic. The intimacy of online sessions and the chance to talk to experts and get the tools you need to manage your mental health, is what makes many choose to work with a therapist. You can check out BetterHelp for more information.

Practice gratitude

Thank for everything around you every day. A good way to do it is to say it out loud. Make it a habit.

Many people have turned to gratitude jars. It’s a simple practice that includes writing down things you should be grateful for and putting them in a jar. Soon it will be full of notes and you’ll realize how many reasons you have in your life to be happy.

Another way is to make it a part of your morning or evening routine.

Every day before bed or right after you get up, say everything you’re grateful for in the mirror in the bathroom out loud. Try to really feel excited about having it, smile, breathe deeply and fill yourself with appreciation.

You can also put sticky notes in different places in your house. This way you’ll remind yourself of a thing to be grateful for whenever you enter a room.

Keep a gratitude journal. Write down everything that happens to you for which you are grateful.

Choose the way that works best for you. And don’t forget to enjoy the whole process. Becoming grateful is a big step in your personal development process and can work wonders. It will also have a positive influence on every other aspect of your life.

The final goal is to become mindful of everything you do, to do it with joy and excitement. It’s time to be thankful and happy wherever you are.

So, that’s how you stay happy and during social distancing.

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