These days, when you look at ways of making your business as visible as possible, people often resort to finding online strategies.

Although these are great and can be very effective they are not the only way to be seen by any means. Many of the more traditional methods of advertising, such as in magazines and on TV, are too expensive for most businesses and you may be asking your self what else you can do.

Help a Good Cause

Donating to charity, helping to fund a local children’s sports team or maybe sponsoring an event to raise funds for a good cause are all ways of getting your business seen and will often bring some free advertising with them.

Local papers love to write about these sorts of things, and will often interview the people who have donated or are sponsoring something.

This will raise awareness of your business and human nature being what it is, mean that people will be more likely to buy from you to return the good deed.

Have a Stand at The Fair

There are many different types of fairs held in towns and cities everywhere. There are school fairs, country fairs, town fairs, and much bigger trade fairs.

Have a stand at any of them to let your business be seen and you will also have the chance to meet potential customers face-to-face. That is always good for customer relations.

You do need to make sure that the stand shows very clearly who you are and if you visit you will see exactly the way it should be done.

From Gazebos to banners and from table clothes to floor mats, there are many ways to ensure that your brand is seen.

Look After Existing Customers

Existing customers can be ambassadors for your business and you should look after them. It is much cheaper and less time-consuming than trying to find new customers.  

Have special sales just for them. Maybe start a loyalty program and always make sure they get a great service.

When people ask them for recommendations they will push your name forward and this is always one of the best ways to have more sales.

Give Freebies

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The simplest way to get people to try your products is to give samples away for free.

This is very popular in the food industry where it is simple to have pieces of cake or pies on a plate for passers-by to try.

You may think it is not so simple with most other products, but with cosmetics, for instance, you can have testers and with online products, it could be a free screensaver.

There is no end of things that you can give away that will cost you very little money but will increase the visibility of your business.

You could even run a competition that gives a prize to the winner that is one of your products. You have to remember that consumers love to have something for nothing and freebies satisfy this need.

Getting your brand known is only half the battle. Then you have to respect people so that trust is built into any relationship you forge.

Then whether you are sponsoring a football team, have a stand at a local fair, or are giving something away free your brand will be remembered and that is part of the key to a successful business.