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Any blogger worth their salt should already know about SEO and how to make money blogging. But while you might appease Google and some clients here and there, your blog should never lose sight of the most important thing: the readers.

These are the people you always need to cater towards, as they’re the ones who will click on the posts, leave comments, and drive traffic to your site.

In 2020, your readers can access Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so much more in the blink of an eye, so to make sure you grab even just 10 minutes of their day with your blog, it’s vital you understand what readers actually want from a blog these days.

Examples of Viral Content

If a blog post is to go viral and be shared, it should be one of the following things.

Engaging topics

You might be shocked, but readers still want to read something more interesting than President Trump’s tweets and a BuzzFeed quiz about which Avenger they should date!

Give readers something to sink their teeth into and they’ll continue to come back for more.

Many bloggers play it safe, but don’t be afraid to offer your opinion on news and events happening in the world today. Talk about things close to your heart and open up a discussion.

Who knows? You might change someone’s viewpoint for the better. Don’t forget, you can always get better at writing as well.

Something easy and breezy to read

But hey, life isn’t all bad! Sometimes people simply want a bit of fluff and a light distraction in between doing chores or pretending to work at the office.

The art of a quick 5-minute read is not as simple as you might think, especially when other distractions exist in the form of social media.

Your puppy did something cute? Your kid said something funny? Found some embarrassing or hilarious pictures from your teenage years? Build a post around them and give readers something light to consume.


How did we cope before the Internet, seriously? People want answers to everything in life extremely quickly. If you have a blog post with the right information they need, then everyone’s a winner.

Maybe you’ve written about how to remove different types of stains from clothing, how to cook scrambled eggs, or how to re-pot a plant. Before we could search online for the answers to everything, we would probably try to figure it out for ourselves… but not many people want to do that anymore, so write down the resolutions online and make it easier for the reader.

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Travel tips and reviews

Sometimes we’re all a bit self-conscious about giving our reviews about certain topics. Will anyone actually care what I think? Turns out… yes, people do care.

Before traveling to a new destination, it’s commonplace to research the hell out of it to ensure you don’t miss a thing. After all, knowledge is power, right?

Reviews on movies, albums, or even a restaurant are all interesting to someone out there, too. It doesn’t matter if they agree or disagree with you (they’ll usually let you know in the comments), as people still find it interesting to see what others think.

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Links to other sites

If someone wants a list with links to something like the best travel insurance companies or online food delivery services, then your blog could have a post with all the handy links in one place.

People love having all the options conveniently presented to them right there and then, especially if there’s a small review of the online services as well.

A top-5 list with all the links? Fairly easy for you to do and incredibly valuable to the reader.

When something goes viral, then it’s being shared again and again by different people, but to get to that spot, the blog post simply needs to be something that deserves to be read in the first place.

5 Tips to Writing Great Blog Content That Goes Viral

Every day thousands of different social media posts, news articles and blog posts are shared across the Internet. This means that it’s not easy for you to get your content to go viral.

You may have something very important to say, but this is no guarantee that people will want to share your content.

You can follow the latest trends, and make sure that you are aware of all the latest industry news, in order to try and produce content that works. But this does not necessarily mean you will be successful in going viral with your content; it’s a difficult task.

However, there are some things that you should pay attention to, in order to make success more likely.

1. Think about the headline.

It’s important to remember two things;

  • Not everyone who reads a headline reads the content before sharing.
  • More people engage with content that has an attention-grabbing headline.

This means that the headline you create is important in helping your posts to go viral.

Headlines should normally be snappy (between five and seven words long).

They should also tell the reader what they can get; this could be anything from easy methods to clean a carpet to simple solutions for hair loss.

2. Tell a good story well.

There is no substitute for telling a story that grabs the attention, using accurate grammar and spelling in the process.

Think about the who, what, when, where and why of what you have to say, and make sure that all of this information comes across to the reader.

Make sure that everything you post online is written clearly and correctly.

People do not usually continue reading an article that is badly written; nor do they share it.

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3. Aim content at high-arousal emotions.

In the majority of cases, content that elicits high-arousal emotions such as awe or anger is more likely to go viral.

Delve further into a complex subject and you will see that generally content that is positive tends to be better performing than content which is negative.

4. Get to the point.

Few people will continue reading a post or article if it does not get to the point as soon as possible.

There should be some relevant points made in the first two to three sentences of a blog post, for instance.

The optimum word count for a blog post or news article is between five hundred and seven hundred words.

5. Credit where credit is due.

If you use information from an online source in your article, do not forget to link to it. It helps to show that you are grateful and also helps to improve your visibility.

You should also develop a good relationship with people who share your content.

For instance, it’s a good idea to follow people who re-tweet your content and to return the favor when they tweet an interesting comment or piece of content.

There is no guarantee that the content you produce will go viral. But paying attention to what you write, and how you write it, can make it more likely that you will succeed in your quest for viral content.

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