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If you are one of the estimated 2.2 billion people who owns an iPhone, you’ll already know about all the clever things it can do and like most of us, you probably never leave the house without it!

If that’s the case, we have three iPhone tips and tricks that you should definitely know. Not everyone is aware of these little hacks and they could change the way you use your phone!

1. Correct Siri

Siri is, of course, designed to help make everything easier for you when it comes to your iPhone. You simply have to say her name, and she’ll call your best friend or play your favorite song.

However she’s not fool-proof and things can sometimes go wrong, such as an incorrect pronunciation of a name or an address.

Well, did you know that you can actually correct Siri? All you have to do is respond to her with “that’s not how you pronounce…” – then she will ask you for the correct pronunciation and repeat it back to you to make sure she’s right. Thanks, Siri!

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2. Take a Photo When Your Storage is Full

Many of us are familiar with the dreaded “storage full” notification on our iPhones. These two little words mean that we can no longer download apps, update our phones or even take a picture.

The last one is particularly annoying when the notification pops up at an important event, or if you happen to come across something you want to take a snap of.

Well, you can make sure you never miss out on a great photograph with this top iPhone tip.

If you want to take a photo, open your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat app and choose its camera option. From there, you can take your photo and save it to your camera roll from there. Problem solved!

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3. Replace a Cracked Screen

We’ve all done it – we have all endured the dreaded cracked iPhone screen. However, rather than forking out a significant amount of money to get it repaired, you can try to fix it yourself!

All you need is a simple repair kit that includes a magnetic screwdriver, suction cup, guitar plectrum, tweezers, a suction tool and a magnifying glass for precision. Don’t forget a handy step-by-step YouTube tutorial to follow, too!

Get the most out of your trusty iPhone with our tips and tricks to make your life easier. You need never have to endure a cracked screen, a full storage notification or a mispronounced name by Siri again!

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