Why I’m Back to Writing Books, Is Self-Publishing Worth It, and How to Become a Published Author

One thing all humans have in common is that whether we like it or not, life gets tough. That’s when we need to be equipped to handle the situation and keep going.

And while our mental toolbox requires more than one source/practice/teaching/habit/belief system/etc. so we can adjust to change, there’s one new thing I’ve added to my arsenal lately and it’s been working especially well – Stoicism.

In this episode, I share how turning to Stoicism has helped me navigate hardships in life, understand people better, find light in the darkness, and tame my ego.

I also talk about developing a Stoic mindset in daily life, and share inspiring examples from some of the most important Stoics in history.

Tune into the episode below:

Show Notes:

  • What is Stoicism
  • Having a Stoic mindset during financial hardships
  • How to practice for rejection and become comfortable with it
  • Opening yourself to the full spectrum of emotions available to us
  • Using Marcus Aurelius as an inspiration to keep going no matter what
  • Reflecting on death and not fearing it [from ‘Meditations‘ by Marcus Aurelius]

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