If you get a bit creative, look around in your home, or become resourceful and just work with what you got, there are, in fact, plenty of opportunities to earn something on the side quickly.

I’ll now share some ideas on how to make money with your car, and that’s just one of the many other things you can do this week to earn extra cash.

Why would someone do that, you may ask.

Well, for a start to get quick money if you’re in need and something unexpected or urgent has come up. It can also be a great addition to your monthly income if you’re looking for ways to grow it.

Some people just like being practical and making the most of what they own. So using your car to make money is one such opportunity.

Doing this can also be to make a big purchase that will improve your life somehow, or to avoid taking a loan or asking family and friends to help out.

Whatever the case, you should know that there are some quite smart ways to make money with your car, without doing anything too complicated or making big changes in your lifestyle.

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Get paid to drive.

Looking for a side income with no investment and which can be started right away? Well, what better way than to make money driving your own car.

If you don’t mind doing this longer and in your free time, and having to deal with passengers, then become an Uber or Lyft driver.

To make this work for you and without any complications, do a little research in advance. Make sure you follow the rules of these companies, know the average rates, have a good personal insurance policy (or even better, rideshare insurance), and are familiar with how other people have done this and what the disadvantages are.

Of course, it might not be your thing. But it’s okay if you just give it a try and move onto another way to make money with your car.

2. Rent your car.

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Don’t feel like driving in order to get paid? Well, there’s an even easier option – simply rent out your vehicle.

It usually works best if you’ve got a second car, or don’t need yours that much.

There are services you can use to rent it such as Turo, Getaround and Hyrecar.

3. Lease swapping.

If your car is on a lease, and you can’t or don’t want to continue making monthly payments, you can try lease swapping.

Basically, it means letting someone else take over car payments.

If you manage to find a person who’s looking for a new car soon and doesn’t want to go through all the paperwork, he can then take all your responsibilities for the vehicle, together with the rest of the money that needs to be paid to the bank over the course of a certain period.

This can give you some freedom if you’re looking to reduce your expenses, get out of any form of debt, or are just looking for a new car and need to get rid of the current leased vehicle quickly.

4. Advertise on your car.

Another great way to make money with your car with no extra effort, is to turn your car into a mobile billboard.

There are some requirements you’ll need to meet, but depending on the company you find and work with, car advertising can work pretty well for you.

Of course, it depends on factors such as how often you drive it, if it’s well-maintained, how big and popular your area is, etc.

If that sounds like fun, think about renting ad space on your car for some quick and easy money.

5. Make deliveries.

Last but not least, why not make some cash while running your everyday errands, or during the weekends and your free time, by making deliveries?

Could be packages, groceries, items for Amazon, or even do different things with TaskRabbit by choosing your jobs, rates and schedule. And who knows, that might turn into a small delivery business some time in the future.

As you can see, there are plenty of chances to make money with your car every day.

What grabbed your interest the most and are you willing to test it soon?