We’re living in the world where every day we are bombarded with negativities of life. From the news that we watch on TV to the information that we see on the Web. But what if you’re out of the country, living alone and these things happened to you. What are you going to do?

Will you find ways to survive this kind of dilemma? Or you’ll just learn how to get used to it?

There are no specific answers for it but one thing’s for sure; being a pessimist will do you no good.

Here are few of the things that sanguinity gives you, especially when living alone:

Negativity leads you nowhere.

You chose to work abroad even if you’re living alone because you wanted to succeed in life. Great things come to people with hopeful souls.

Success may not be given instantly to you but it is earned and people with positive minds can have that. If you’ll not let negativity ruin you, you’ll live life without doubting yourself and worrying that you won’t be able to succeed.

You won’t have series of self-questionings such as: “What if they won’t like my presentation?” or “Are my answers correct?” Instead you will say this, “At least, I know that I did my best.”

You’ll appreciate the art of being yourself.

When you start becoming who and what you really are, you’ll find the genuine happiness that you’ve been searching for. Some people might find this cliché but this is true.

Your happiness depends on how you treat yourself. Whether you’ll going to treat it as a stranger or going to embrace it as your newly found friend.

Remember, you’re living alone and you don’t have someone to run to in the middle of the night but yourself alone. You need to know yourself to be able to discover what you need in life.

Maybe you just miss some of the things that you usually do in your homeland or you missed your loved ones. It is really important to be kind to yourself most of the time. There’s plenty of stuff to appreciate about yourself already. Sometimes we’re just looking in the wrong direction.

There’ll be no room for prejudices.

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Once your perspective has changed, the way you perceive the world would eventually change, too. You’ll start appreciating every person you’ll meet. You will realize that they will play a big role in your life. Be it your fellowmen or those random citizens of the country where you’re working.

If you’re interested in them, talk to them and know their stories. Because everyone has their own inspiring life story that’s worthy to be told.

You will no longer see them as persons with good looks, but individuals with good souls. You’re living alone, take that opportunity to be able to meet new acquaintances to minimize the loneliness you’re feeling.

Every day is a better start.

Living alone might be hard for you, but you’ll get by. If you’re a positive thinker, giving up is no longer a part of your life’s wordlist and “everything happens for a reason,” will be your mantra.

Life is not always about suffering and crying. As an optimist, you tend to find reasons to uplift your mood. You’ll not stick to your old habits of procrastinating all night long because you know that nobody can help you but yourself.

You have your family and friends. But at the end of the day, it will always be your choices and the chances you’re taking that matters.

You’ll forget your critics when living alone.

No matter how hard you try to be the better version of yourself, there will always be someone who will going to pinpoint your mistakes.

For example, some people might be envious of you since you’re working out of the country. While they, on the other hand end up jobless. But if you’re the kind of person who has a positive mindset, their existence will remain irrelevant in your life. Their criticism won’t matter anymore.

The more they drag you down, the more you’ll realize that you’re above them. After all, how can a person pull you down if you’re below them, right?

Having a positive mindset about the things they’re saying against you would just annoy your critics. This way they will end up getting tired of pestering you. After all, if they only put you down, they don’t deserve to spend any time with you.

You’ll start dropping the “what ifs”.

how to stay positive in difficult times - infographic

Back then, you’re still deciding whether you would take the risk of working abroad with a huge chance of living alone. You have a list of “what ifs” on the back of your mind.

If you always think things negatively, you always end up indecisive of your choices. Your way of thinking has the ability to overpower your decisions in life. You need to be certain of your choices.

For you to attain it, first you need to have a clearer mind. You should have a positive mind but not too much that everything already get unrealistic. Be open with the inevitable events that might occur to you while you’re living alone.

Influences others to smile.

Smiling is contagious. Most of the people forgot the power of smiling to a stranger. You don’t know what that person you saw in the park is going through. Maybe he or she is struggling and your smile would somehow diminish that sadness that lingers within her.

Smiling is one of the tools that doesn’t cost a thing but could spread positivity. Even if you’re in another country, don’t hesitate to lend your smile to everyone. Only if it’s not forbidden in that country, since there are countries that are strict with facial expressions, you might get in trouble and misunderstood your friend gesture.

So go out today and start doing good. The world needs people like you.

It’s hard to make optimism your predominant mental attitude, most especially if you’re living alone. You need to have patience, to work hard for it, and to take the time to maintain this kind of perception. It might take months or even years for you to achieve it but it’s worth the wait.

About the author:

This post was written by Donna Estrada, an editor for Scoopfed and a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.