Customer reach is the potential number of customers that your brand can reach through any marketing campaign or channel.

For instance, if you are using social media marketing techniques to market your business, your marketing reach is the potential number of customers who will see your post or advert.

In order to achieve optimum growth of your customer base, it is essential to consistently continue to increase your customer reach.

In fact, poor marketing is one of the biggest causes of failure for around 14% of startups.

Having a poor customer reach is a key precursor of poor marketing and could lead to serious losses of potential custom and profit, eventually causing the demise of your business. 

We’ve put together some of the best ways to increase the results of your marketing efforts to boost both brand awareness and profits

#1. Use Time Saving Applications

Managing all of your different mailing contact lists and marketing channels one at a time can quickly become tedious, time-consuming tasks that rob you of the time and effort you could put into spreading the word about your brand further. allows you to sync your active salesforce campaign with a variety of different marketing applications.

It constantly checks your apps to make sure that whenever you update a lead or contact in one app the others follow suit. You can rest assured that all the tedious admin work is being automated for you, which allows you to focus better on increasing customer reach and marketing your brand to a wider audience. 

#2. Offer a Newsletter

In addition to syncing your marketing channels, increasing the efficiency of individual channels is also essential for increasing your marketing reach.

This allows you to better determine which channels are worth focusing more time and effort into due to offering an increased ROI. 

According to research, email marketing offers the highest ROI compared with all other marketing channels, with every dollar spent bringing back a return of $38, on average.

Email marketing might be one of the oldest and most-used marketing methods, but it’s certainly not to be ignored. In fact, many marketing professionals agree that it should be a top priority.

Ensuring that you are only emailing those who have given their prior permission for you to do so, it is a top marketing method that allows you to keep your existing and potential customers up to date with the latest brand news, new products, offers, and much more.  

#3. Utilize the Power of Social Media

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Today, any brand that isn’t fully utilizing the power of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn is truly missing out.

Every day, thousands of users log into these platforms, making them some of the best places to talk about and get the word out about your brand.

On social media, an increase in customer reach can be easily measured by your increase in content views and the number of followers and fans that you have across each platform.

When it comes to social media, the content that you are sharing is crucial to the effect that it has on your customer reach. Sharing content that is useful and valuable means that it’s more likely to be seen, paid attention to, and shared by your followers.

Start by making sure that social media buttons can easily be found on your site and ask your customers and visitors to follow your social media profiles.

Ensure that social sharing buttons are added to your blog posts, videos, and other content. Each share is a chance for your brand to be seen by potential new customers. 

#4. Encourage Referral Marketing

Lastly, one of the best ways to increase the number of leads for your business is to encourage referral, or ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

Many brands have managed to successfully achieve this by offering discounts, deals, and special rewards for new customers who sign up via existing customers of your brand. 

Take DropBox, for example, who offer free storage space to customers who successfully refer new start-ups.

They’re not the only brand to do this successfully – Deliveroo, Uber, and many other brands offer credits, vouchers, free products, and much more to customers who successfully refer.

And, referral marketing works – simply put, people are much more likely to trust recommendations from their friends and family members than advertisements that they see on TV, online or in the street. 

Encouraging positive reviews is also another great way to gain more referrals from your customers.

Make sure that your brand is present on Google Business, TrustPilot, Yell and other sites where customers can leave their ratings and opinions.

Don’t forget to check out industry-specific review sites too, such as TripAdvisor for hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. 

Do you have any marketing tips that you’d like to share?