5 Reasons to Sit Less and Move More

Man experts have backed the assertion that sitting is the new smoking. The toll that it takes on your body and life can be devastating when you’re sitting for long hours and living a sedentary lifestyle. 

Having a workout plan or living an active lifestyle will work wonders for you in these situations.

Below we’ll break down sedentary lifestyle effects and how they can dramatically hinder your health. 

1. Heart Disease

Heart health is overall health. When your body can properly circulate blood all of your organs work better. 

You’re never taking the best care of your heart when you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Your heart becomes weaker and you’ll notice an uptick in your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

This is why a sedentary life is one of the biggest contributors to heart disease today. 

Even if you’re not a fitness buff, you can space out your sitting with breaks to stand and walk around. Perhaps go outside for some fresh air after working for an hour or two. 

You can also invest in ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and other helpful products that can reduce the strain of sitting. 

2. You’re More Likely to Develop Type 2 Diabetes

More than 34 million people today are living with diabetes. You’re far more likely to develop diabetes when you never move your body and your cholesterol levels are high. 

Type 2 diabetes is life-threatening and causes you to have to take insulin shots and undergo dialysis treatments. You can avoid these medical costs and the quality of life reduction by simply getting more active. 

3. A Sedentary Lifestyle Takes a Toll on Your Mental Health and Well-Being

Keep in mind that a sedentary lifestyle also hurts your mental health. Your brain will be foggier and won’t fire on all cylinders when you don’t get enough exercise. 

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle will be more likely to deal with depression and have a difficult time focusing at work and school.

Exercising produces serotonin and dopamine hormones that make you happier and mentally healthier overall. 

4. You Will Develop More Bodily Pain

Sitting for hours at a time and never exercising will make your body more susceptible to pain and swelling. Improving your blood flow through cardiovascular exercise will help the swelling go down. 

When you sit all the time, you’re also putting far more strain on your lower back. This creates lumbar pain. 

5. A Sedentary Life Will Affect Your Sex Drive 

Sitting on a regular basis can also throw your sex drive out of whack. You’ll recognize changes in hormone levels, to include low testosterone levels. 

It’s also more difficult to get blood to your sex organs when your heart health takes a hit. 

Study These Sedentary Lifestyle Effects and Get Active

Understanding sedentary lifestyle effects will help you get more active in your everyday life.

Start getting more active so that you get the blood pumping and avoid sitting for so long. 

This can help you show up with poise and presence in your personal and professional life, which makes you more successful as a whole. 

Let’s get success together! Follow these tips and check back for more info on business, travel, real estate, lifestyle and so much more.