What is Snoopreport and How to Track Instagram User Activity [Review]

Nothing we do in life and in business would give results if we don’t track progress and analyze the data. That applies to anything, from your relationships and diet menu to your marketing campaign and social media activity.

And when we’re lucky enough to find the right tool to help us, we can do that automatically and see reports and information presented in an easy to understand way. Today I wanna share with you one such tracking tool – Snoopreport – specifically made for Instagram user activity. Meaning, you can monitor other people’s accounts and their actions.

We’re talking about Instagram again because as I’ve mentioned before, it’s an impressive social media platform that can help you in many ways. It’s fast-growing, profitable and with great design. But what matters the most, is that it’s the third most used social networking site, after Facebook and YouTube, as shown in the graphic below by DreamGrow.

instagram the third most used social networking site, after Facebook and YouTube.

With 700,000 million users, Instagram is a place for starting and growing businesses too. You can build an audience solely on the social network. And then use the attention you’re grabbing and keeping with your content to either take users to your website, promote products or services, or enhance your personal brand.

It’s also where young people spend time daily. They don’t just have Instagram accounts, they actively engage with them.

All that stats mean we should be on Instagram, creating content and engaging with users, but also tracking their behavior. That’s what Snoopreport can help us with. The following Snoopreport review will show you why it’s worth using the tool and how to get started with it.

What is Snoopreport?

Snoopreport is an innovative Instagram analytics app that tracks all the actions of other users. That includes likes, comments and follows.

The dashboard is easy to use, you can monitor many Instagram users and in turn, receive weekly and monthly reports.

A few key things to know about Snoopreport are:

  • it collects information only from public accounts, not private ones;
  • use it to track as many Instagram accounts as you want;
  • you also get access to group reports to analyze user behavior tendencies.

How Exactly Can You Use The Instagram Tracking Tool?

1. Snoopreport for brands, bloggers, and marketers.

With Snoopreport you can find influencers in your niche and possible common interests. Using that valuable data, you can then approach them in a smarter way.

As a blogger, track the actions of your Instagram followers, or just people using hashtags in your niche, and see what content they like the most. That can inspire you to rethink your content creation and distribution strategy and grow your audience.

1. Snoopreport for brands, bloggers, and marketers.

2. Using Snoopreport for individuals and to have fun.

You can also have some fun with this monitoring tool. Do that by keeping an eye on your kids’ activity on Instagram, follow a celebrity, or spy on your friends or partner.

2. Using Snoopreport for individuals and to have fun.

How Does Snoopreport Work?

A review of a social media monitoring tool won’t be complete without seeing how the platform actually works. So here are the simple steps you take to start using Snoopreport in a matter of minutes:

  1. Sign up and add the Instagram account (study one account or create a group report).
  2. Make payment.
  3. Give it a week till you’ve gathered enough data for the first report.
  4. Check out the report.
  5. Use the user insights to your advantage.

Let’s see the Instagram account of Katy Perry, for example, @katyperry

Here’s her activity for the week from Dec 12, 2017 to Dec 18, 2017.

Let’s see the Instagram account of Katy Perry, for example, @katyperry

Under the username of the Instagram user you’re tracking, you can find the number of likes, comments and follows.

Below you can see a list of likes sorted in descending order by interactions with the certain user. The more likes and comments made the higher the interaction rate with this user is.

Are you ready to up your Instagram game in 2020?

I hope this Snoopreport review gave you an idea of what this service can do for you as an individual, blogger, brand or marketer.