Let’s Reach Success accepts sponsored blog posts, but there are some basic requirements.

Are you interested in publishing your paid guest post, review or sponsored content here on the blog and get it in front of a new audience? If so, this page is for you.

Before you get in touch to discuss pricing, make sure you:

  • are going to provide a unique piece of content;
  • will include only one link to your website/product/client/etc;
  • the link will be included naturally in the text or in the byline;
  • the anchor text isn’t the URL;
  • you can provide company name and address which I can use for my invoice (or the name and address of an individual, in which case VAT charges will apply);
  • you can pay via PayPal (and make payment up to 7 days after the sponsored blog post has been published).

If that sounds doable, please email me at lidiya@letsreachsuccess.com with your budget.

Additional details about sponsored blog posts on LRS

  • I can write the article and add your link naturally. That will increase the price, though.
  • I reserve the right to make final edits to the sponsored post in terms of formatting, adding an image and external links, so that it resonates with the rest of the content on the blog. (I can add no other external links if that’s what you prefer.)
  • Sponsored blog posts get published immediately after I review them (which is the moment I open the email).

Ready to do business together? Fill in the contact form below.


Due to the big number of requests for sponsored blog posts and paid guest articles, I’m now choosing carefully who to work with.

I don’t work with late-paying or low-paying clients. I can’t build trust with those who don’t provide financial information or who are in a rush to get their article published.

Sponsored content should be done right, according to Google’s guidelines, and without looking spammy to readers. So please get in touch with me only if you’re offering quality content with naturally inserted links.