To manage a big organization, it is very crucial for an entrepreneur to have a clear aim of self-managing leadership.

That provides an individual with the personal skills and confidence necessary to master change and lead others through the present day chaos of transformational change.

Naturally, this will increase capacity, capability, and ability to make more and even improve its quality.

Remember these well said lines,

“The wind may blow from any direction, but the direction in which you go depends on how you set the sail.”

Why SML Should Be Implemented into Organizational Routine?

The organizations have slowly begun to realize that happy and fulfilled staff not only works better, but can contribute significantly to the achievement of their objective.

Presently, just about every major enterprise in the world is undergoing transformational change.

What about the people who comprise these enterprises, though? Are they able to change as fast as the re-engineering plan requires them to?

Mostly the answer is no.

Pressure at work puts an unbearable strain on relationships at home, health, self-confidence falls, and the stress level rises. Fear becomes a dominant motivator.

Faced with this, many people give their endeavor to make the stress as the leader to motivate and inspire such people. This is where self-managing leadership can help you get out of it.

Entrepreneurs Aim at Self Managing Leadership.

“The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.”

To survive and be successful in the future times, we need a firm foundation by which we can stand up upon.

The question arises as to what can provide such a foundation. The answer is that the only source to recharge us from within is our value system.

In this present time there are three key propositions:

  1. There is no turning back. – Things will not go back to the stable patterns of the past.

We will see a world characterized by:

  1. We must find new bearings. – The people who will succeed will have a highly developed sense of “Where they are headed and what they stand for.”
  2. Different skills are required. – New and different capabilities are required to be effective in this environment. They are not skills learned at school. They are self-managing skills like intuition, discrimination, flexibility, focus, tolerance, stillness.

Every Entrepreneur Must Possess Leadership Qualities.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Who is a true leader?

“One who never reacts, but observes, understands, analysis, and then acts decisively.”

A leader is a cool and calm person. He would not lose his temper instantly. He possesses a clear vision that is a clear understanding of what he is doing and why and how he is going to do it. This enables him to be confident. Therefore, he has the highest level of commitment. While performing, he becomes highly creative in his ways.

This is how he becomes a source of inspiration. There are eight main attitudes or inner powers that a leader must exercise at the appropriate time and place.

The 8 attitudes

  1. Power to listen – Patience
  2. Availability – Humility
  3. Tolerance – Love
  4. Adaptability – Maturity
  5. Discrimination – Knowledge
  6. Decision Making – Clarity of Mind
  7. Ability to respond – Courage
  8. Team Spirit – Cooperation

Developing a Clear Focus

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Anthony Robbins says: Controlled focus is like a laser beam that can cut through anything that seems to be stopping you.

The key to fundamental transformation in the self is to develop a clear focus, will power and capabilities. We can change the direction when the understanding about the situation changes.

A clear focus is required to:

  • guide double life activities by a clear sense of purpose, values and vision;
  • have the willpower, motivation and enthusiasm to introduce and sustain the actions;
  • develop the skills and abilities to fulfill the purpose and organizational goals.

If any of the three is lacking, then an entrepreneur can fail.

He may have the focus and the capabilities. If he lacks the willpower, though, he would bring the change, but probably will not be able to sustain the effort.

Similarly, an entrepreneur may have the clear focus and the willpower, but may lack the capabilities. Then too, he would not be able to succeed as he lacks the necessary skills and talents to achieve his ambitions.

To recharge and refresh the self from time to time, nourish yourself with the points mentioned above. Always keep in mind your strength, strategies, and conscience which will lead you to success in every aspect.

About The Author

This article was written by Arpita Arya, a digital marketer and a blogger by heart.