How to Incorporate a Business Online: 7 Key Steps to Follow

If you have a Dutch-based business and you want the world to know all about your brand, we can surely help you with the ten most amazing tips to tap into the international market.

Businesses all over the world have seen a huge shift in growth, revenues, exposure and brand power.

Even if you are just a startup, you can combat all the hindrances lying on your path to success by utilizing the following awesome ways. 

1. Social Media

Believe it or not, having a mobile phone is more important for people than having a partner.

It is their connection to a whole new world, right there in the palm of their hands. Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, is the topmost reason why people never leave their phones alone.

So you can use that aspect to your benefit. Make an impressive mark through your social media presence.

And if you think, you need to address the audience in their local language, you can always get someone or some service provider to translate Dutch to English or any other language. 

2. E-commerce

Availability with convenience is the most apt and tempting offer you can give to your customers.

E-commerce or online selling will allow your Dutch brand or product to reach even the Sahara Desert. And for the convenience of your target audience, you can always offer them user-friendly localized options.

You can get such services by a world-class translation service provider but it’s better to go with a company that has an extensive experience in translations and with professionals which can translate Dutch to English accurately. 

3. Website Translation

Another way to combat the competitors is by offering your Dutch Website’s English translation for a wider understanding.

The better the people understand, the closer they feel to your brand.

4. Mobile App

This one goes without saying, how else would you be on the mind of the users every time.

Not only does your app allow your users to buy or place orders but you can also send them notifications about discounts, deals, new products, new services and a lot more.

So make sure you get to an app developer as quickly as you can, if you haven’t already. 

5. App Localization 

Your target audience will always welcome a customized approach, particularly if that’s in their own dialect, language and culture setting.

You can acquire app localization services for both IOS and Android from a translation services provider. 

6. Website Localization 

Yes, beyond translations, you can also go for a straighter approach towards your targeted audience by offering website localization.

When your users feel closer to the website in terms of user interface, usability and accessibility, they instantly become interested in what you wish to sell. 

7. Document Translation

Businesses may have become a matter of marketing but a joint venture with other companies and other countries is always the next big step.

If everything is in Dutch, your documents mean nothing to your partners and the solution document translation. In fact, it’s always handy to keep the translated versions of your important documents in advance. 

8. SEO 

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Google rankings are the marathon that we all want to win. And if you have an SEO specialist, your website ranking is guaranteed to stay on top.

This strategy will ultimately lead to more visitors and more potential customers. 

9. Live Customer Support/Live Chat

Everybody’s in a rush and they want you to listen to their queries instantly, so make that happen.

Offer them a 24/7 support, a live chat option on your website and they’ll never find an excuse to betray you. 

10. Be Honest 

Honesty is indeed the best policy, even in your business.

For a Dutch business or any other company for that matter, success is only through one path and that is with staying fair and transparent to your customer. 

Hope all these were helpful and insightful for all you Dutch brands out there. Try utilizing them and see the difference.