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Did you know that in 2016, manufacturers distributed over 300 billion coupons? With so many coupons floating around it’s no surprise that most people have used at least one coupon in their lifetime. 

Even if you have used a coupon or two in your life, how much do you really know about it? We have five fun facts that you more than likely didn’t know about couponing!

Coca-Cola Introduced the First Coupon

That’s right you can thank Coca-Cola for introducing coupons for free samples back in 1887. This was considered to be such an innovative marketing tactic that newspapers adapted couponing in its advertising.

We can all agree that giving away free sodas was a smart move that helped spread the word about Coca-Cola. Say it with us: “Thank you Coca-Cola” for starting this revolution that still exists today.

Millenials Coupon Too

Not only do Millenials coupon, 9 out of 10 admitted to clipping coupons.

Millennials use coupons for things such as different household items, food, and also for health and beauty products.

As prices keep going up alongside student debt, couponing makes sense for millennials. It goes to show that couponing is not only for older generations. It’s become popular among other generations as well and might influence the next generation to also be coupon savvy. 

Most Coupons Are Clipped in Orlando

Most people hear the word Orlando and immediately think of Mickey Mouse. What they probably don’t think of is that it ranked at the most frugal city in 2015.

In 2015, the number of coupons clipped was 11.6 million and the overall savings equaled $17.9 million.

Other cities that made the top ten list were Washington D.C., Charlotte, NC; New York, NY; Atlanta, GA; Cleveland, OH; Tampa, FL; Nashville, TN; Raleigh, NC; and Virginia Beach, VA.

Online Couponing is Popular

Believe it or not, online coupons are also popular. The traditional method of clipping paper coupons is still common but according to Juniper Research, mobile coupons can reach more than 1 billion consumers this year. 

This is perfect for those that don’t want to spend time browsing the Sunday paper clipping coupons or spend time browsing through magazines to find the coupons they needed.

If you are guilty of spending hours on your phone every day, then why not spend time checking out the savings that you have right under your fingertips?

It’s a French Word

Did you know that the word coupon comes from the French word “couper”? Couper means “to cut”.

In 1822, the word coupon was first used with the definition of a small piece of paper that allows “to get a service or product for free or at a lower price.”

Happy Couponing!

Isn’t it amazing how many fun facts there are about couponing? Most people don’t realize that there is a history behind couponing itself. How many of these did you know? 

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