The Rise of Online Master's Degree Programs: Exploring the Trend - 6 Types of Blogs That Make Money Online

When most people think about starting a freelance writing career, they usually focus on finding clients. However, one of the most lucrative types of writing doesn’t require clients at all! 

Blogging can be the basis of a sustainable, high income generating business. While the results won’t happen overnight, few writing businesses have the flexibility, creativity and earning potential of blogging. 

If you’re interested in starting a blog, one of your first tasks is to pick a type of blog that makes money.

All niches have the potential to earn money. The most important factor is choosing what aligns with your interest, experience, and has a sizable audience. Let’s see what the most popular types of blogs are:

Types of Blogs That Make Money

1. Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are the oldest type of blog. The articles tend to focus on the author’s life and experiences, rather than a general topic. Readers often go to personal blogs to find inspiration or find community. 

Personal blogs can cover a variety of topics and are a good choice if you are passionate about multiple subjects. 

Personal blogs are usually written in a conversational and friendly tone. You can bring traffic to your blog by sharing your articles with relevant communities or collaborating with more established bloggers with similar audiences.

Once you’ve built up a following, you can monetize your blog by selling your writing services, offering coaching, or selling products. 

If your audience is large enough, brands may approach you for sponsored content. However, be sure to only promote products and services you believe in and are relevant for your audience.

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2. Affiliate Blogs

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where brands pay a percentage of sales to writers for promoting their products to their audiences. Unlike sponsorship deals which are one-time payments, affiliate links can generate income for months or even years. 

While personal blogs can contain affiliate links, affiliate blogs are also a stand alone niche.

Readers go to affiliate blogs specifically to find product recommendations. Affiliate blogs are usually focused on a specific product, such as camera equipment or clothing.

Affiliate blogs can also promote specific deals, such as travel packages or low-cost gifts. 

Before starting an affiliate blog, think of the types of products you love to buy. This can help you write about the products passionately and thoughtfully.

You will also need to perform market research to determine if there is a large enough audience for this product or service to make a viable business.

Once you’ve established your blog’s potential, you can look for affiliate opportunities from brands and companies. Some of the largest affiliate marketing programs are Amazon, eBay and Rakuten. 

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3. Industry Blogs

If you are passionate about your career, an industry blog may be a good fit. Industry blogs discuss a specific field, such as real estate, computer science, or fashion, and they are one of the types of blogs that make money online.

Common topics include industry news, innovations, or career advice.For example, a blog focused on sales can include articles on how to sell life insurance or how to be more persuasive.  

The target audience is other professionals or enthusiasts who will turn to your blog for an authoritative opinion. 

Industry blogs can be conversational, but most are written in a professional, objective tone. 

In order to build an audience for an industry blog, you will have to demonstrate that you are a credible source. If the industry is related to your work experience, highlight this clearly on the blog.

If you are an enthusiast, but not a professional, you can try to collaborate with industry professionals to review your posts or contribute to your site.

Running a respected industry blog can lead to affiliate and sponsorship opportunities. Clients from the same industry may also contact you to write for their blogs.

4. Current Events Blogs

If you like to keep a pulse on what’s happening, a current event blog may be right for you. You can narrow down your blog to focus on a specific location or type of reader. 

For example, you can curate events for local parents seeking child-friendly activities. Or, you write about the latest releases at the cinema or Broadway.

You can partner with event planners and companies to advertise their events and share a percentage of ticket sales. Since readers tend to check these blogs on a more frequent basis, you can also generate income from advertising revenue.

5. Review Blogs

Review blogs are similar to affiliate blogs in that you will promote products to your readers. However, you will also include in-depth reviews.

Readers use review blogs to compare similar products and make buying decisions. Review blogs usually have a specific niche and audience.

A laptop review site for a gamer or coder would be very different than one geared towards college students.

Since you are offering your opinion, you will not be able to monetize all of the products you review.  However, if you build trust with your audience, they will use your affiliate links to make their purchases.

Which of these types of blogs that make money are you most interested in starting and why?