How I Made $3,440 Blogging in 1 Month [May 2019 Blog Income Report]

Stop wasting time guessing what niche you should join and read on to discover what type of blogs make the most money to get blogging now.

Starting a blog is a great way to express yourself and have a creative outlet for your ideas, opinions, and to help others.

There are millions upon millions of other blogs out there. There’s the question of who will see your content. The other question is how will you make money from your blog? It seems that few bloggers make enough to make it worth their while. 

Read on to discover what type of blogs make the most money.

Give People What They Want

You may be wondering why you need to pick a niche for your blog. Here’s a question for you: What’s more important, making money from your blog or following your passion?

In some cases, the two will overlap. It doesn’t happen all the time, though. In order to make money, you need traffic.

You need enough volume of traffic that is interested in your topic. If you choose a niche that only a few people are interested in, you’re going to find it difficult to create a profitable blog.

When you’re starting a blog to make money, you have to know what people are looking for and want. In some cases, they want to lose weight, or they somehow want to make their lives better. Your blog needs to show them how to do that.

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What Type of Blogs Make the Most Money?

You know that it’s important to have a blog that gets a lot of traffic.

How do you choose a niche that is a moneymaker? These areas are the most common types of blogs that make the most money.

  1. Food
  2. Personal Development
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Travel
  5. DIY Projects
  6. Make Money Online

You can take these blog areas and niche down a little bit further to set yourself apart.

For example, in the food niche, you can create a blog that revolves around the Keto diet. There is a ton of interest in that diet and you can have a blog that provides recipes that are Keto-based.

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It’s All About Your Content

You have to understand one thing. Just because you know what type of blogs make the most money, doesn’t mean that you’re going to make a killing just by putting up a website in one of these niches.

That’s not true at all. There are going to be a ton of other blogs in the same niche as you. It’s up to you to set your blog apart from the rest.

You do that by offering amazing content that people will love. Writing well written articles is going to be the one thing that makes or breaks your blog.

If you’re planning on starting a blog to make money, you want to make sure that it’s set up for success. That starts with knowing what type of blogs make the most money.

Whether it’s health, food, travel, or showing others how to make money online, you have to have outstanding content that makes people want to come back to your site.

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