7 Smart Ways to Use a Label Maker to Make Your Life More Organized

I’m a big fan of making different areas of your life as organized as possible. Everything can be so much simpler, easier and faster if you’ve optimized it, have a system that’s proven to work, and can easily notice when things can get out of control before it’s actually happened.

Personal organization can be improved through habits, mindset shifts, routines, tools, and so much more. Today, I want to talk about one tool in particular – a label maker – and its many uses, each of which can help us make our life more organized. 

How to Use a Label Maker

1. Organize your kitchen.

Let’s start with something we can all benefit from – organizing your kitchen using a label maker.

A great start is your fridge. You can group different foods and label them, or even have a separate bin for each and place the label there. The second idea will make cleaning easier too.

Use labels to organize leftovers, your kid’s lunch, jars, spices, frozen foods and snacks.

You can also add dates to foods that expire soon or place different reminders on the fridge itself.

2. Plan your next offer.

Whenever I create a new course, I write many lists (online and offline), use a whiteboard, sticky notes, and much more. It can get messy and overwhelming. 

A label maker can be a fun way to use your whiteboard (whether it’s the front or back) and quickly outline your modules, lessons and anything else you need.

3. Affirmations. 

Affirmations don’t work for everyone, but we can all benefit from daily reminders of the big things we’re manifesting in our life, the goals we have, self-love practices, mindset shifts, etc.

Use a label maker to write down affirmations and place them anywhere at home where you can be reminded of them. That could be the mirror, your laptop, drawers, or even doors or walls.

You will smile every time you read each. Gather and write down only empowering ones and those connected to your big vision so you can stay motivated the whole day.

4. In your bullet journal.

Journaling is one of the practices I recommend to anyone who wants to uncover limiting beliefs, clear blocks, and manifest their goals.

Whether you’ll just write your to-do list there, a few things you’re grateful for today, or how your life will look like a year from now, writing things down is a powerful practice when done regularly.

To make things prettier and more organized, you can use printable stickers to make headers, daily, weekly or monthly categories, habit trackers, etc. 

5. Organize your home office.

Next, you can label your files, binders, any storage boxes, drawers, notebooks, etc.

Using a wireless label maker from a company like Munbyn allows you to use an app to quickly design your labels and print them in one click. There are many colors, fonts and styles to choose from (you get a built-in library of over 400 symbols and clip-art images) and the tool is light and portable.

You can take organizing your home office to the next level by labelling different areas of your workspace and giving each a purpose (e.g. supplies, accounting files, books, brainstorming area, etc.)

6. Organize your bathroom.

The next room you can upgrade using a label maker is your bathroom, and in particular containers, anything under the sink, and cleaning supplies. 

7. Anything else at home.

The same goes for any other part of your home. Whether it’s your closet, the kids’ toys, the boxes in the garage, or anything else that can be labeled, you get to simplify your daily life a little more.

Have you thought of any other ways to use a label maker?