The difference between local links and regular links is that local links are those directing to local sources, such as websites that are particular to a specific city.

For example, a content writer in Chicago might have local links from a local Chicago college or other local businesses in Chicago.

In this article, you will learn about local links, their types and how they can help you enhance your business.

The Two Types of Local Links

1. Local Organic Result.

Local organic results are local websites that are listed within organic results of search queries with localized intent.

Let’s say you are searching for “Chicago advocates”. You will have the websites of advocates in Chicago in your results. The “Chicago” in the search query gives local intents.

Local organic results, in general, are generated via conventional web ranking systems and signals: on-page signal along with link signals. Thus, local links can be useful in increasing your rank-standings in local searches.

2. Local Pack Results.

Local pack results come for queries where there is high local intent along with a lot of quality businesses in Google’s database to fill up the local pack.

Results vary between 1 – 3 in a local pack and they are generated by both conventional web ranking signal and also local signals like reviews, and citations. So the more you focus on localizing intent in your website and your content, the more your site will show up in local searches.

Sadly, many websites for local business are not very linkable, without any quality content. Budgetary constraints can be a cause for this. With the strategies that you will read about in this article, you can easily overcome that.

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Local Link Building Tips

1. Citations.

The citation is mentioning your business’ name, address and phone number (NAP) on websites.

Citations include links to your websites, but it is mainly mentioning of NAP information that will pass value inside the algorithm of the local search.

Citations are either Structured or Unstructured in their types. Structured citations are mentions on established business list sites like Yellow pages. Unstructured citations include the mention of your business’ NAP on other sites like blogs, event listings, news websites, etc. A citation is a powerful local link building technique.  

So try to put your business’ NAP in proper business sites as well as a variety other blogs and websites.

Getting listed will result in increasing relevancy signals which are important for your business website to get more visitors. Also, location signals will also be directed to Google.

Don’t overdo it, though. Continued citations will reduce returns.

Just get yourself cited on the top listing websites for your locality (for instance the top 5 sites which are specific to your city).

2. Business Association.

It would be easier to get links and some citations for the business associations of your industry. Most businesses have an association in every city, and you should join them.

You can get appropriate signals to Google; generate trustworthy networks which will give a good boost to your business’ local SEO.

The more contacts you have, the more your business will get exposure in different circles.

Join associations where they have member databases with links and citations. Check in advance whether these associations have good rankings on Google.

Also, check the link metrics they follow. If you see these associations have a high rank in Google, and has excellent link metrics and offers lengthy citations and links in their databases, then you must surely join them.

3. Leveraging Old Relationships.

This strategy can be beneficial for local businesses. Businesses cannot work in isolation but have to work with other companies also to some degrees. Thus these relationships can be used to generate links.

You can link the businesses you work with and even ask them to link with yours. Your local SEO will be boosted by a simple trick if you do this.

You can also use relationships with people whom you have current business associations with; you can see them as B2B links. Write testimonials for them. Your partners would be quite happy to receive a testimonial and in return give you a citation on their site.

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There are various other tactics to help build local links. The ones that are mentioned in this article will, however, give you a head start if you are just a beginner.

Local links will get your business more credibility and increase your revenue to a great extent.

You can visit professional SEO consultants like the one mentioned in this article later. But first you should invest patience and time to build great local links, and soon enough your efforts will give you excellent dividends.

About The Author

This article was written by Derek Iwasiuk, an SEO specialist.