There are times in your personal development process when progress just doesn’t seem to happen no matter what new strategy you try.

That’s when you need to work on your mindset and literally trick your mind into believing you’re being productive. Once it believes you, it will make you get things done in no time and without any effort. Here are 5 ways to do that today:

Developing a Productivity Mindset

1. Just do something.

One action immediately leads to another. Taking the first step, however, seems to be the hard part.

That’s why you should start super small. Just get out of bed, or leave your apartment. Throw away the junk food. Do a research related to something you want to achieve. Buy a membership for the gym. And so on.

Doing this itself will make it easier for you to take the next step.

2. Affirmations.

When you’re stuck, you’ll have to give that one a try.

A few times throughout the day repeat to yourself that you’re good at time management, get things done and are being productive.

For maximum effect, say it out loud while looking in the mirror. That’s the so-called mirror technique and it’s a powerful exercise many successful people have tried. Repeat it long enough, and soon or later your mind will believe you.

3. See the bigger picture.

Let’s say you’re being lazy, while there’s a ton of stuff to get done. Your mind will start coming up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t start now, but you’ll stop it and will focus on the big picture instead.

Think of the effect not doing anything right now will have on you later. In the evening, for example, you’ll feel a bit upset and disappointed for not completing your to-do list. You’ll feel weak and will have lost the battle with procrastination one more time. Tomorrow you’ll be left behind and will have to work twice as much.

Imagining all this will remind you of how smarter it is to just get things done right away. And compared to the possible negative outcomes, taking action immediately doesn’t feel that bad.

4. Get a motivation boost.

Have a clear vision of your goal. Imagine reaching it. Feel good about it now. Visualize the picture in details.

That should inspire you to take action now and will become your driving force.

5. Surround yourself with productive people.

If you’re always around lazy people, you won’t get anything done. As even if you do one thing, you’ll feel accomplished, while in reality it will be nothing.

So avoid such company. Instead, look for energetic and motivated individuals, who are always working on something, completing tasks and being active.

So what will you do today to build a productivity mindset?