Let’s Reach Success affiliates promote my online courses.

If you like this blog and want to make money online or are just looking to join an affiliate program in the Business/Blogging/Personal Development niche, you can become an affiliate of The Let’s Reach Success School.

That means you get a dedicated link and can share the courses with your audience. Any time someone makes a purchase through your link, you get a commission.

The benefits for you include:

  • Having quality products to offer to your audience;
  • Earning money from your blog without going through the hassle of creating your own products;
  • Making passive income (once you add your links to articles on your blog that perform well, you can make sales without any additional work);
  • Easy tracking (you get your own affiliate dashboard and can track clicks, sales and commissions);
  • Adding a new income stream to your online business (if you haven’t yet started earning money from affiliate marketing, this is your chance).

How to Become an Affiliate for Let’s Reach Success

If you’re already enrolled in one of my free or paid courses, skip step 1.

Step 1: Enroll in my free course here.

Step 2: Email me at lidiya@letsreachsuccess.com and say that you want to become an affiliate.

I will then activate your affiliate profile and contact you to confirm.

Getting Your Affiliate Link 

Once that happens, you can log into https://letsreachsuccess.teachable.com and you will be able to see a new tab in the menu, saying ‘Admin’.

When you click it, you’ll be taken to your very own affiliate dashboard, where you can track your clicks and earnings.

become an affiliate for let's reach success

At the bottom of the page is the link generator. To get the affiliate link for the course you want to promote, insert the URL and press ‘Generate’.

Here are the URLs for my paid courses:

  • Blog to Biz System


  • Next Level Productivity 


You can promote the free courses too!

The cookie period for each referral is 365 days. This means that even if you refer a visitor to one of my free courses and he later finds out about my paid ones and purchases in the next year, you will still receive your commission.

Here are the URLs for my 3 free courses:

  • How to Make Your First Money Online Freelancing


  • Launch Your Profitable Blog Today


  • The Passive Income Boss


Adding Your Payment Information

When you go to ‘Payout Details’ in the sidebar on the left, you’ll be able to add your PayPal account so you can receive commissions. 

Please keep your PayPal address updated.


The commission for the paid courses is 40%.

Keep in mind there’s 30-day money back guarantee (students can ask for a refund in that period).

If the sale is successful, you can expect your commission 30 days after the completion of the month it was made.

Affiliate Rules

You can use my graphics or create your own to promote the course.

It’s advised to always disclose your affiliate partnerships. Here’s how to easily do that:

On your blog, write something like ‘This article contains affiliate links’ in any post where you mention affiliate products.

On social media, you might add the #affiliate or #promotion hashtag.

Affiliate Promotion Ideas

There are many ways to promote my products or any other product or service you’re an affiliate for.

All these are natural ways to explain to people how the product can help them and why you recommend it.

Write a Review

The first way is to write a review of the course. That’s much easier when you’ve taken it, but it can also happen by simply reading about it (I have enough information about my paid courses on their sales pages).

You can mention who the course is for, who I am and why people should listen to me, what they should expect from the course, what the lectures cover, etc.

Find more about my story here.


People love reading interviews and it’s also a great way to learn about a product directly from its creator.

You can contact me and ask for an interview. Feel free to send me questions about anything related to my online business and location independent lifestyle and I will answer them.

Any time I mention one of my courses, you can add your affiliate link.

You can reach out via email at lidiya@letsreachsuccess.com


Share the product with your email newsletter. These are your most dedicated readers and they trust your recommendations. They’d gladly check out a product you mention if it can help them make money online or change their life for the better.

Add The Products to your Resource Page

If you have a Resource page on your blog, you might want to add these products and include your affiliate link.

That page is pretty popular on any website and can get a lot of attention if you add your favorite resources, keep it updated and promote it.

Here’s how mine looks like although yours doesn’t need to be that long:

Add a Bonus

A fantastic way to make money from affiliate marketing and promote any product is to create your own bonus for that product that you will share only with people who purchase through your dedicated link.

It could be a checklist, a video of you sharing helpful tips on how to make the most of the course or even one of your products.

Let people know and email you when they buy through your affiliate link so you can share the bonus with them personally.


You can place one of the graphics you’ll find in the next section in your blog sidebar. That area typically gets a lot of views and clicks as it’s visible from any blog post on desktop.

Mention It in Relevant Blog Posts

Aside from writing a review about the product, you can also link to it or write a paragraph about it on any related article on your blog.

My course Financial Freedom Through Blogging, for example, is suitable for any page you have that talks about blogging, making money, online business, becoming your own boss, quitting your job, traveling the world, reaching financial independence, creating your dream lifestyle, etc.

A combination of all these ways to earn from affiliate marketing usually works best. Test different methods and see which one performs best.

Promo Material

Visuals are an important aspect of affiliate marketing. People like to see images in reviews and you can get many clicks on Pinterest with the right graphic.

I designed some promo material to make it easy for you to start earning from the courses as soon as possible.

In the last module of every course, you can find a link to a Google Drive Folder that contains folders for each product.

Feel free to use these on your website, in your emails and on social media but solely for the purpose of promoting the products of the Let’s Reach Success School.

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