The Beginner’s Guide to Airbnb Hosting

The Beginner's Guide to Airbnb Hosting

This is a guest post by Helen O’Keeffe, who works in marketing for EZ Living Interiors.

Since its release as a platform to the wider public in 2009, Airbnb has gone from strength to strength shaking up the hotel accommodation sector as it goes along.

Airbnb has provided the discerning traveler the option to stay in a more authentic location in a multitude of formats all over the globe.

From the ability to short term lease a mansion, right down to the budget friendly option of a room in a shared home. There is something  for everyone.

The word “Airbnb” is practically a verb at this stage with many conversations beginning with the phrase “this summer we are Airbnb-ing it!”.

Why Travelers Prefer Airbnb

The rise in its popularity with travelers might be for a few reasons:

It is budget friendly. Easy to use but surely a major driving factor is also the ubiquity of the Internet and smartphones.

Airbnb promotes a community type of situation which almost replicates a social network like Facebook or Instagram. People can communicate within the platform (and are encouraged to do so). They can post reviews and photographs from their stay.

It also provides a reliable filtering option on the app/website whereby you can pick and choose what are your priorities. For example, a swimming pool, air-conditioning, a balcony and so on.  

Airbnb has made the hotel industry sit up and take note.

While some locations are still suffering from a lack of hotel beds, it might not have hampered things. But where there are many accommodation options such as cities like New York, London and Barcelona, Airbnb has stepped into providing realistic accommodation options.

From the point of view of the host (which is what you are called when you post a listing on Airbnb), it has provided people with a new source of income which they may not have considered previously.

It’s for those who perhaps travel a lot for work and find that their property lies vacant when they are away. For those families who wish to raise money for their own holiday by posting their home on Airbnb it probably pays for their vacation. The possibilities are many.

Airbnb Hosting 101: Being a host doesn’t come without its responsibilities.

You do have to raise the bar in terms of customer service or you simply won’t get positive reviews.

With the advent of the savvy traveler, positive reviews are everything so a host must strive to raise the number they receive. Negative reviews will always exist (in any industry) but it’s how the host deals with them is key.

The people over at EZ Living have put together this useful infographic aimed at those considering Airbnb hosting.

It details how to decide whether being a host is worth it monetarily. It advises on how to optimize your listing, covers topics you need to think about like insurance concerns and personal security.

And it also highlights ways to attract people to stay in your listing plus lots more to learn on Airbnb hosting.

airbnb hosting infographic

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