How to Find a Good Alternative to AdSense

Are you looking for an AdSense alternative? 

You wouldn’t be the first or the last. Google’s AdSense is one of the biggest names in the digital advertising industry–especially among new bloggers. And while in the beginning, having a ‘hands-off’ experience sounds great, it quickly turns into a nightmare for anyone trying to scale earnings.

Whether you’re confident about switching, or just curious, I’ve laid out the most essential details to help you succeed. 

Why Use an AdSense alternative

It’s no secret AdSense has its shortcomings, many of which tend to be why bloggers like myself stayed away from making money with ads initially. Blogging is our craft, and when trying to build up our sites, AdSense isn’t too flexible. Some of the best reasons to use an alternative are:

Rejected account:

  • If you haven’t met the content requirement, an alternative may be your only other option. 

Increased revenue:

  • One of AdSense’s biggest limitations is its network stack. Working with a larger network stack is an easy way to see an increase in earnings.
  • Other ad platforms work on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis, meaning you generate revenue when users view your ads. So if you’re making little yield using AdSense’s cost-per-click model, switching may help you see more. 

Ad control:

  • If you’re looking to experiment with different types of layouts and ad types, you’ll undoubtedly need to find an alternative. 
  • Other services provide an ample variety of ad types, sizes, formats, and layouts to work with while often helping to optimize said layouts.

Ad quality:

  • We all love when ads enhance and complement our content. Similarly, no one likes when ads make a website hard to look at. By working with a more extensive network stack, you can improve the ads that get served to your users. 

Diversify revenue:

  • Even if you’re happy with the platform, keeping all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea! 
  • Branching out and integrating other networks is a simple way to protect yourself should anything happen to your AdSense account. 

What an AdSense Alternative Should Offer 

Switching to a new ad manager is an exciting opportunity to make more money and improve your ad strategy to your liking. If you don’t take the time to find quality partnerships, you risk losing money and diminishing website quality.

So let’s not skimp on the research! It’s essential to get answers to the big questions and anything else you might want to know. Will page loading speed be affected? Is the bidding process transparent? Do they have a history of network non-payment among bloggers?

In general, these are the best factors to consider when searching for an AdSense alternative:

Network size: 

  • If you want to see an increase in earnings and get better quality ads, I’ll say it again, be a part of a competitive network. 


  • It’s important to know what type of revenue model (CPM, CPC, etc.) a network operates under. You’ll want to work with a type that best suits your website.
  • Protect yourself from clawbacks and missed payments by getting the scoop on their payment history.

Ad Management: 

  • If you want high-performing ad units, you better be ready to experiment! It’s the best way to find what works best. Working with a network that can provide you with variety is essential. 


  • You want to protect your brand and users. Finding out what companies offer regarding safety solutions and products can help you avoid a breach in data protection and privacy laws and fix malvertising and redirects.

Preparing to Switch

There are a lot of bloggers out there. No judgment, I’m one too. But what this does mean is that ad networks and platforms can afford to be picky when selecting who to work with. So on your end, be sure to have decent traffic and a quality website. This won’t guarantee your acceptance, but it’ll definitely help to make you a desirable choice! 

I won’t lie, finding an ad network will require a bit of effort on your part. Some networks that seem to be great contenders at first are:

  • AdSterra
  • Monumetric
  • Newor Media
  • Media.Net

Getting started with header bidding

My vote? Save yourself the much-required effort and work with a header bidding provider. Header bidding providers are a single ad management platform that works with a wide range of ad networks.

They offer a programmatic type of bidding, which is essentially just bringing all the ad networks together to bid for your ad units simultaneously.

It’s an easy and straightforward process that saves you the trouble of identifying and integrating ad networks to work with. A lot of tech jargon comes up when you google the topic, but at its core, header bidding just offers a lot of solutions to publishers most networks don’t. The reality is, they hit all the significant markers of what you want to look for in an alternative, and then some. 

For publishers hitting the 30,000 impressions a month marker, upgrading to a premium header bidding provider like Newor Media is the best (and easiest) way to maximize earnings.

Beyond having partnerships with top ad networks, they optimize ad layout, balance user experience, offer consent management platforms, and provide a host of revenue-generating solutions. They also have a dedicated publisher relations team to assist in all facets of header bidding management, from implementing units to getting paid each month. In general, publishers see anywhere from a 50-200% boost in ad earnings when switching from AdSense!


Google’s AdSense is far from the end-all-be-all of earning with ads. If you’re unhappy or smartly wanting to diversify your revenue stream, hop to it!

So long as your site gets decent traffic and you take the time to find a great partner, you’ll be boosting your revenue in no time. Hopefully, this has helped you feel confident in your switch and empowered you to find the best AdSense alternative.