Succeeding in today’s world can be a daunting task that many people fail to achieve during their life.

With so many expectations, options, sources of information and choices to make, how can anyone succeed in becoming what they really want?

Things are not as simple as they seem however. And we are here to take a look at some of them that offer more than it appears at first glance.

Looking at these things from a different perspective will offer anyone a personal gateway to success and true happiness.

Personal development.

Many people dismiss personal development as a gimmick invented to give jobs to people who studied HR instead of something “useful” such as engineering or medicine. Personal development programs are sprouting all around us, allegedly offering us a chance to fulfill our potential and become better selves for a mere monetary compensation.

While there are hoaxes and bad trainings out there (like in any other branch of society), personal development has become a very relevant thing in today’s world.

Many employees focus solely on personal skills that a candidate achieved outside their formal education instead of obvious points such as job experience.

Personal development through seminars, conferences and group workshops is an essential part of becoming relevant in today’s business world.

It’s one of the things that determines if someone will succeed or not, making it a go-to thing to work on.


There are split opinions about how and why internships can be useful to someone.

Many people still believe that internships are an excuse invented by large companies in order to exploit young and unprepared people for cheap labor. They offer little monetary benefits and often ask the intern to sacrifice a good part of their weekly life to the company for seemingly little personal benefit.

While in some cases it might be true and some people did have bad experience, the truth is far more positive than that.

Internships are a gateway to success for many young people out there who are freshly graduated or soon to be graduates looking for some actual job experience.

This is the only way for someone inexperienced to learn the ropes and become better at something they studied about only in university.

Employers are far likely to hire someone with a few internships under their belt rather than someone who stands by their ideals and has no practical working experience whatsoever.


Freelancing is still a relatively new term in the society. It implies that someone works on their own time, wherever and however they see fit, for proper monetary compensation.

However, many people hear fairy tales about how freelancing is a goldmine waiting to be exploited and give up trying after a few unsuccessful application attempts.

Freelancing is difficult and only the most stubborn people actually get good at it and become professionals in their fields.

While many people view freelancing as another form of cheap labor exploitation, the truth is that there are professional clients out there who want to have normal working relations with their freelancers.

Graphic designers and writers all over the world live normal lives and work from the comfort of their homes and they got where they are through hard work and dedication.

Freelancing is a great way to succeed in life and offer yourself the option to achieve anything you ever wanted – as long as you are willing to give it your best.

Teamwork and leadership.

While these terms are nothing new in the society, they are still understated and used jokingly by people around the world.

Teamwork and leadership are qualities that warriors, kings and priests all throughout history implemented to do great things in their local communities – so why not use these skills today?

Today’s corporations and businesses want nothing less than team players on their side.

The times of individual labor where everyone does things for themselves and hopes for the best are long gone. The market is just too complex and ever-changing for one person to manage.

That is why teamwork and leadership skills are essential to anyone who wants to succeed in achieving their dreams in life.

Learning how to play well with others is an invaluable skill that any executive will want to hire you for.


Perspective is everything. If you ask three people about opinions on these things, they will all tell you a different story.

That is why it’s important to always keep an open mind when thinking about what it takes in order to succeed.

Create your own path and form your own opinions along the way. It will make you the best version of yourself and help you succeed in your personal journey.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Ashley Kornee, a blogger and freelance writer.