Modern life is like a never-ending chase that gradually sucks out all energy and passion from you.

It’s a constant race to fulfill the plans with your partner, friends or family, with colleagues and superiors. But most of all, it’s a race with yourself and all those little tasks that you want to complete every day before you go to sleep.

And this is exactly where stress and anxiety step in to take control of your life. Thanks to our frenetic lifestyles, we can never relax completely.

We are online 24/7 and we keep checking our emails even when nobody asks us to do it. We cannot enjoy a peaceful family time because we are always thinking about how to follow the agenda.

Whatever we try to do in order to change this way of life, we hit a wall and go back to the beginning.

Some people are struggling to make the balance between the private and professional life. They start working from home and expect to avoid the stress of regular 9-to-5 jobs. However, expert psychologists would strongly disagree with such approach.

This type of work doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax in the absence of supervisors. On the contrary, you still have targets to fulfill and it is usually even harder to achieve everything in a cozy environment of your home. It doesn’t really make much difference whether you are in your office or in your room – you have no fewer deadlines to manage.”

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety seem to be inevitable elements of your life.

It’s practically impossible to prevent it. But at least there are some things that you can do to reduce anxiety and turn it into a source of positive energy.

In this article, we will describe top 8 apps that can help you in that regard.

1. Calm

Calm is a very convenient tool to get you acquainted with the world of meditation. It can guide you through everyday life and teach you how to breathe deeply and relax easily.

If you dedicate some time to this app, it will show you how to get more sleep and freshen up for a brand new day.

2. Headspace

This app is basically a beginner’s guide to meditation. Headspace offers you dozens of themed sessions on all sorts of everyday situations.

The purpose of this app is to make meditation simple even for the busiest individuals.

It also has a few SOS exercises in case that you are facing an unexpected crisis. Just like the developers of Headspace stated – it only takes a few minutes to change the rest of your day.

3. HelloMind

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There are probably more than enough days in your life when you just can’t handle all those negative feelings and bad thoughts inside your head. In such circumstances, you should use HelloMind to eliminate gloomy feelings.

This app provides you with different models that you can use to boost the strong aspects of your personality, to fight with a specific issue, or to get some instant relaxation.

4. Moodnotes

Moodnotes is the tool which encourages you to exercise the skill of internal monologues. It stimulates you to track your moods and find out what influences them and how to manage it.

Essentially, Moodnotes shows you how to detect weak spots in your thinking style and how to avoid them.

5. Happify

The name says it all – Happify is there to help you relax and get your mind off bad things. It’s compatible with all sorts of digital devices and you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Happify is an anti-stress program which is great at giving you the right kind of therapy to boost positive thinking.

6. How Are You

Most of us take life for granted and don’t think about emotions all that much. Or at least not until we face some really big problems.

How Are You is the best app to help you stop for a while and think about your life. It’s surprising to learn how much you can discover about yourself just by taking a few minutes to contemplate.  

7. Lantern

Lantern will evaluate your personality through a series of questions and then recommend daily programs for you to exercise positive thinking.

With this customized approach, Lantern always offers unique learning experiences and gives you a genuine mind boost.

8. Pacifica

Pacifica is an all-around relaxation tool that allows you to track thinking patterns and then to create the best model for practical daily exercises.

Using their training sessions, you can strengthen your inner peace and calm your thoughts through meditation and deep breathing.


Stress and anxiety will always be present in your life but you will overcome it if you learn how to handle your emotions. These 8 apps can help you to strengthen your mental defense and embrace the power of positive thinking.

However, everything must come from inside: apps will simply show you the path but you need to walk down that road on your own. Make sure to try out each one of these tools and you’ll definitely find at least one that suits your character perfectly.

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