Why We Do What We Do: The Psychology Behind Socially Acceptable Habits

Managing a business is largely about managing people. Whether you own a company or have been hired to manage it, there are always challenges and obstacles.

How you deal with these obstacles will greatly contribute to the overall business success and growth. So much of this has to do with your team.

When you build a trustworthy, hard-working, and positive workforce, nearly everything is easier. Whether you have just started on the job or are trying to find new ways to build a better team, below are five things that can help you.

Promote From Within

When there has been a shift in your team, there are likely higher positions open. Instead of hiring someone new you don’t know, is there an employee who is the right fit for the job?

When you are trying to build the best team, promoting someone who works hard, believes in the business, and has good people skills will help move things in the right direction.

If you need someone to help you get what you need done, you want to work with someone you know intimately. Promoting workers to new positions is a great way to instill loyalty and camaraderie in the business.

Create a Coaching Plan

Whether you are hiring new people or want to train current employees on new things, you should think about creating a coaching plan.

An employee coaching plan sets out the directive for learning new tasks and operations. It will help you and the employee understand where they might need improvements to effectively get the job done.

It can be difficult to do this politely, but when you have established coaching plans for the team and individuals, you can rely on them to show employees where they need to improve. It’s also extremely helpful when training new staff to have a clear plan of action in place.

Host Meetings That Vary in Size

One mistake business leaders and managers make is to only host meetings with the entire staff. Whole staff meetings are important, but it’s also imperative to hold meetings with divisions of the business.

When you are working with a large group of employees, you need to focus on sections and smaller teams within them. If you don’t have established teams within your workforce, it’s time to create them.

You can start by hosting a meeting with the various teams. Then, you will be able to focus on specific goals and methods to help employees become the best workers they can be.

Offer Benefits & Amenities

The mood and happiness of employees greatly affects how the business operates overall.

When you work in a cold, sterile workplace it’s difficult to motivate yourself. It’s up to management to offer benefits and amenities that will keep workers happily working.

The coffee machine is the first step, but what about catered lunches? What about other drinks available?

Continuous education and training opportunities are a must. They make employees feel their personal development is important to the company especially as we see the current workforce favor employers that offer these benefits. The offer of digital credentials to showcase competencies are also greatly appreciated.

You can offer benefits like medical and dental. Stocks? Whatever it is that will make your employees thankful for their job and happy to put in the work should be utilized.

Find Your Company Culture

Company culture is one the most important things in a business that people overlook. When you put the time in to find and cultivate the culture of your company, the new hires and workers will fall into place.

What kind of people do you work with? What type of business are you trying to create?

Even if a candidate or current employee is great, they may not fit into the company culture.

Whether you are creating a culture or discovering what it is, once you have an idea what that culture is like, you should take steps to strengthen it. When a company culture is cohesive, more work gets done at ease.

It is never easy to manage people, especially a large group of diverse workers. However, if you put in the time to provide the conditions that workers thrive in, you will have the chance to build a team full of hard-working, loyal, trustworthy, and innovate workers.

When the team isn’t cutting it, determining whether it’s them or the culture is easier when you have clarity on what that culture is. Even at work, intimacy and understanding are very important.

It's never easy to manage people, especially a large group of diverse workers. If you're wondering how to build a team for your business and create a great company culture, here are some tips: