How to Motivate your Employees and Improve Company Culture

A successful business depends on good employees. In order to thrive, a business must have a motivated workforce.

Nowadays, most of the entrepreneurs seek to improve the relations with their employees. It’s only natural – workers are not just a means to an end, but they are also a part of the family, so to speak.

Motivation brings out the best in employees, more productivity, better efficiency and more interest in the job altogether.

Needless to say, motivation will be greatly beneficial for both the employer and the employees.

So, what is it that motivates workers to perform better? Surprisingly, it’s not always the money. Although money is a great motivator on its own, there are plenty of things workers would enjoy more.


Imagine coming to work and not feeling frustrated about it.

Improving work environment and work conditions is one of the ways to make “coming to work” more enjoyable.

Most of the people have seen all those box-shaped workspaces in a crowded office, with phones ringing, people chattering, and some manager yelling in the distance.

The level of stress in that environment is through the roof. This type of workspace should be avoided at any cost.

A work environment that is adjusted to the needs of the employees is the way to go. Give them space, let them decorate that space as they like. It will make them feel more comfortable, and they will appreciate it more than you realize.


There’s this saying “respect is earned, not given”, that goes without question in most situations, but sometimes you must give to get. In order to maintain a good relationship with your employees, you must respect them as individuals.

Offer sincere praise for a job well done and offer to help them if they have any problems. In return, your employees will feel more valued and respected, and they will also respect you.

When employees receive appreciation for their accomplishments, they will be more motivated and more productive.

Your Employees Well-Being

Knowing that you care for their well-being will motivate your employees. Most of the work nowadays involves sitting at a desk for hours.

You can equip workers’ offices with an adequate commercial fitout. A height-adjustable table, for example, is good for the spine, as it suffers the most when it comes to sitting all day.

Encourage your employees to work out and exercise during the breaks – after all, it’s good for their health.

Create a fitness area that they can use whenever they want. It will help them relieve stress and vent all the negativity.

Open Communication

Always have an open communication with your employees. An “open door policy” means that employees can communicate with you about everything.

That way you can get to know them better and resolve any issues or dilemmas your workers might have. If your employees know they can talk to you freely, they won’t be bogged down by problems that will hold them back. Instead, they will be more relaxed and motivated – knowing that any problem they have can be sorted out.

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One of the best ways to really motivate your employees is to involve them in more business strategies and plans, and also be more engaged when it comes to your employees and their activities.

Set clear goals for your workers, and let them choose the best way to achieve those goals. Celebrate by throwing a party for reaching a business milestone.

Ask them for their ideas and opinions on important business decisions. Join them for a lunch in the canteen or take the team out for lunch elsewhere.

Encourage group thinking and teamwork in order to motivate your workers to find the best solutions to any obstacle.

Make sure you reward your employees for good progress, it will motivate them to keep up the good work they are doing.

Don’t criticize them in front of their coworkers if they do something wrong. After all, you want to motivate your employees and not weaken their confidence.

You can do a lot to increase your employees’ motivation, and it won’t hurt you in the slightest. Small tokens of appreciation and random acts of kindness can go a long way, when it comes to employer-employee relationship.

Some business owners hate to admit it, but the fact is that workers carry out most of the business projects. In the end, it’s in your best interest that your workers are happy and satisfied.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Stacey Cooper, a business consultant and a contributor on bizzmark blog, with interests in small business, finances and green business.