Working in an office for a number of hours at a desk can sometimes be infuriating and stressful.

It is the duty of a boss to keep his employees’ mood fresh and burden free. By doing so, the employee puts in more effort towards his/ her work and it ultimately benefits the company.

Providing better motifs and a healthy working environment to the employee boosts energy and increases productivity. Here are four simple ways to increase each employee’s mood and productivity.

1. Work as a family. Give healthy atmosphere.

Each employee has a good and bad factor and it is the job of the boss to always make them feel good about themselves.

Providing a healthy working environment and a positive atmosphere gives a sense of relief and optimism to the employees. It helps in making them secure about their profession and they feel that they belong to the place.

Feeling easy about the job and working out the difficulties with sheer resolve helps the employees in reaching higher company goals and increases productivity.

A friendly and easy going boss is the key root in providing a healthy and interactive working environment wherein the employees know that their boss has got their back.

Not only the boss or the head, it is important for the colleagues and co workers to maintain a healthy rapport towards each other for a positive office atmosphere.

2. Incentives will go a long way.

Small incentives and bonuses definitely go a long way in the progress of an employee. Giving away rewarding bonuses can help in preparing the employee in reaching higher goals which will ultimately make the company huge.

Other incentives other than cash bonuses can also be given away such as awards, holiday packages, special vouchers or other additional benefits or perks. Passive encouragements like these motivate the employees and help them work in a progressive and efficient manner each time.

3. Avail fresh coffee.

Sitting for long hours at the office desk can be daunting and extremely tiresome. Receiving fresh cups of coffee whenever one wishes can help in refreshing the mood and getting back to work with full energy.

The caffeine content in the coffee helps your brain to stay awake and refuels your body with energy.

Drinking coffee can also help in brain development and its information retention power. It helps you think faster and solve problems quickly. It keeps you alert and makes you work in an efficient manner.

A quick single cup grind and brew coffee machine is a requisite in an office. If an employee has the freedom to drink a cup of coffee as per requirement, it will elevate his or relaxation and hence the performance.

The other advantage of having a coffee machine around is that is develops healthy conversations and relations amongst employees. Sitting with cups of coffee and conversing can help in solving various queries which is beneficial for the company.

A good understanding between employees and colleagues is a must. It thrives for the betterment of the company and a healthy working environment.

4. Give achievable tasks. Don’t imply burdens on them.

Every person has a limit of working and completing tasks as per given time. Giving a ton of work to your employees and expecting them to complete it on time is not always possible.

When you provide mouthwatering bonuses and incentives to complete tasks and reach the goal within a short period of time, it is difficult for the employee to do so and he ends up over working and stressing himself.

Along with the benefit of the company, you should also consider the family and personal life of your employees.

Giving them loads of work will require them to work at home and during night hours. This will disrupt their personal life and slow their performance during office hours due to lack of sleep and relaxation.

Instead, plan tasks that look achievable in a specific period of time. This will let your employee work in an easy flow with perfect accuracy and amazing results. This will lead your company to reach the peak precisely.

Here are four simple ways to increase each employee’s mood and productivity and thus create a working environment where everyone thrives: #employeeproductivity #productivity #productivitytips #businesstips