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Being an introvert has a major impact on the way you perceive the world. While extroverts adore chances to meet new people, you’re pretty happy spending time on your own.

As an introvert, you probably value your privacy and even a bit of social isolation. This isn’t the only aspect of being an introvert. There are many other behaviors and social situations that you can probably relate to.

1. Anxiety-Causing Crowded Spaces.

Being an introvert isn’t just about the way you interact with people. It can also make you uncomfortable in crowded places.

Walking on the busiest city street is probably an activity that gives you anxiety. The same applies to shopping on a Saturday afternoon, when just about everyone is at the mall. You probably do your best to avoid such situations.

If you do end up in a mall, be sure to use a digital directory to get from point A to B in the fastest way possible.

2. The Beauty of Having a Meal on Your Own.

Many people see having a solo meal as something depressing and embarrassing. Chances are that you can appreciate the pure beauty of spending some quality time on your own and enjoying a delicious meal.

Going to a restaurant alone gives you a chance to enjoy the food without being distracted. What could be more satisfying than a pleasant meal that you give your undivided attention to?

3. Becoming “Invisible” in a Group.

Most introverts find it difficult to stand out in a group discussion and defend their position. Five minutes into the experience, such people are likely to pass into the background.

If you’ve ever done a group discussion in the past, you know that after a bit of time passes, you already don’t feel like putting any effort into communication.

4. The Struggles of Dating an Extrovert.

If you’re an introvert who’s dating an extrovert, you two probably reach major disagreements when it comes to having fun and socializing.

For you, having fun is a movie marathon at home that involves just the two of you. Chances are that your extroverted significant other wants to go out partying and spending quality time with friends.

The fact that you’re so different can add a nice balance to the relationship (if both of you are comfortable exploring new things).

5. Small Talk Nightmares.

being an introvert

Having small talk with people you don’t know ranks among your biggest nightmare.

It’s very difficult to find a common topic of discussion and the conversation usually dies off within 2.5 minutes of getting started.

6. Avoiding Interactions with the Neighbours.

Overly-friendly neighbours aren’t usually appreciated by introverts.

Chances are that you’ve pretended you’re not home when somebody knocks on the door. The behavior isn’t born out of malice, you simply don’t know what you’re going to talk about with these people. It’s possible that you share nothing in common other than a living space.

Things become even more challenging when you meet accidentally on the stairs. The conversation probably doesn’t progress beyond “hello” and “goodbye.”

7. Talking on the Phone.

As an introvert, you dread phone conversations. Picking up the phone and calling a stranger (for business) or a friend can be equally anxiety-causing.

Introverts worry that they’re disturbing someone or calling at an inappropriate time. Phone anxiety can be crippling, even debilitating. For some people, it’s so powerful that they own a telephone solely for the purpose of answering calls.

While you may be worried about your social awkwardness, you definitely shouldn’t be. It’s a part of your identity and everything that makes you unique. Embrace the fact that you’re an introvert and feel proud about it!