Are you feeling tired all the time? Most people do. But you can change that.

If you take control of your daily habits and make some small changes in your routines, you’ll never be tired again.

Here’s what you can do to make sure you’re super productive and energetic each day so that you can spend it in the best and most effective way possible:

What to Do if You’re Always Tired

1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time.

These two will take time, but it’s important for your body to have such a permanent schedule.

For a start, go to bed when you feel tired, but wake up a bit earlier.

2. Wind down at night.

Create a peaceful evening routine that will get your mind and body to sleep naturally and effortlessly.

First of all, make sure the environment is good enough for you to sleep well. There shouldn’t be any noises, and devices are a big distraction too.

Unplug some time before you go to sleep even if you don’t feel tired. Get a book instead and let it help you fall asleep fast.

Also, don’t eat or drink two hours before bed.

3. Have a powerful morning routine.

Once you start getting up earlier, be mindful of how you spend the first hour of your day. It will affect how your whole day goes so it’s better to use it wisely.

A great morning ritual can help you kickstart the day and be motivated to take action. All that can happen by adding the right morning habits and sticking to the routine no matter what.

This way you can be productive and energetic before others have even woken up.

But don’t try to include any possible healthy and positive activity right away. Start small.

Do 2-3 successful things (like meditating, journaling your thoughts and a quick workout) now and let each be around 5 minutes.

In time, you’ll see what works and will do more of it, and will be able to upgrade your morning routine by adding new tiny habits.

4. Eat the right foods.

You are what you eat. And if it’s only junk and processed foods, together with any other beverage other than water and tea, you’ll be always tired.

It’s time to change your eating habits and add super foods.

5. Take breaks while working.

Work can take much longer if we aren’t focused enough and let distractions get in the way.

So break it down into shorter periods of time and add breaks.

6. Meditate.

A quick daily meditation session can help you a lot with being always tired, sleepy and stressed.

Sit down in the early hours of the day and empty your mind. Stay still, let go of random thoughts and focus on your breathing. Or start repeating a positive affirmation.

There are many health benefits to meditation too. But in the long term, it helps you be peaceful, calm and in a good mood.

7. Don’t try to get it all done.

Some of the things we do daily, and the items on our to-do list, are pointless. So it’s important to 80/20 everything we do and focus only on what’s essential.

It’s okay to delegate some work, or to just remove some tasks if they don’t help you see progress, be it at work or in personal life.

Not everything is urgent or even needs to be completed at all. So eliminate the unnecessary and save yourself time and worries.

8. Learn to let go.

Once the day is over, let the little issues and daily worries behind. Otherwise, you can overthink all night and be exhausted in the morning.

But letting go is the greatest way to wind down, to have peace of mind and to be present without constantly going back to the past.

Gradually make all these changes and you’ll never be tired again.

11 Things You Can Do to Stay Productive When You are Tired

Creating a structure to live and work by is in itself a tough project – but once your system is in place, you’ll appreciate the improvements to the way you get through the week.

Until, that is, a time of turbulence comes along and threatens to throw your whole schedule out of whack.

Deadlines, backlogs, and special projects all require an extra push beyond your regular agenda: or, better said, they require an agenda within an agenda.

So do you have an emergency back-up system in place for those times when you’re pushed to utter exhaustion, beyond your regular working hours, and you still have tasks to complete?

It’s not as difficult as it may sound.

In fact, there are a number of body cheats and mind hacks to get a few extra hours of focus and productivity from your system, as long as you are prepared for them in advance.

One such hack is to ensure you continue taking regular breaks.

If your normal working schedule is already in place, you’ll know the importance of break times.

However, it’s easy to neglect them when you sense a deadline approaching and time running out. Avoid this trap by planning ahead.

If you usually take five every 25 minutes, plan in advance to alter it to five every 50 when you’re pushed for time.

Use a timer, or an app to ensure you don’t power through your scheduled breaks. And if you are tempted to ignore the reminder, remind yourself this: even a 30 second break can actually improve your productivity. You will actually get less done if you work straight through.

Another good trick is to schedule a change of scene into a particularly long day.

If you know you need to put in 12 hours at the computer, think about planning a mid-morning trip to work in a café, and a couple of afternoon hours at the library.

If you’re pulling an all-nighter, you might even find a 24/7 co-working space to try.

Again, taking the time to move to a new location might feel counter-productive – but it’s not. A change of scene can boost your creativity and concentration levels, so give it a go.

And if you really can’t motivate yourself to pack up your laptop and head out into public, there’s a simple trick you can do at home or in the office: stand up.

We’ve all heard about the recent craze for standing workstations, and a period of exhaustion is actually a great moment to try it.

Move your stuff to a shelf or window sill where you can comfortably type without slouching, and carry on working: science shows it can boost brain power and positivity, while reducing fatigue. Just what the doctor ordered!

The guide below presents eleven productivity hacks, there’s plenty in there to keep you productive even when a tough period at work is grinding you down.

Give yourself that extra push now, and you can relax tomorrow.

What else do you know of that can help us stop being always tired?