How to Create Your Own Morning Ritual

Having a morning ritual is one of the best behaviors you can adopt that will change every aspect of your life.

In order to reach your goals, you’ll have to change and develop new routines and habits.

And what better way to become successful than to do what successful people do?!

In “The morning ritual of entrepreneurs who built a successful software businesses in 6 months or less” Maneeth Sethi from Hack the System has found the one thing they all had in common.

That was their specific morning routine.

First, they reviewed why they wanted to build a business. They were writing and reading the purpose of their big project every single morning, and that helped them stay focused on the end goal.

They had a list of the things they wanted to have, experience and contribute to the world. And reviewed it right after waking up.

Second, they spent their first hour of the day doing the most important tasks without being distracted.

Then, they analyzed the things that worked out and those that didn’t.

That took a total of 10 minutes each day, but helped them increase results tremendously.

A morning routine like that helps you stay on track, become more effective and productive, stay motivated and focused, have a clear vision of what you want.

Here’s why morning rituals are effective:

  • you start your day with a purpose;
  • you know exactly what you want in life;
  • you are laser-focused on your goal;
  • distractions don’t bother you;
  • you get up early;
  • how you start your day affects how it goes;
  • you define your most important tasks for the day;
  • you start working on the first one after you wake up;
  • things actually get done;
  • reviewing goals and knowing why you do it keeps you motivated;
  • you’re productive;
  • it builds consistency, willpower and concentration.

I believe that making this morning ritual a habit (and adding a thing or two more to it) can change your mindset, which will then turn your life around. And soon you’ll be able to see the changes you’ve desired for so long.

Throughout the process, you’ll grow spiritually. You’ll get more things done in less time as you’ll be able to focus your mind on what you’re doing.

Also, you’ll develop discipline, which will help you build other successful habits too.

How to Create a Morning Ritual?

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There are 3 aspects to creating the best morning ritual for you: physical, mental and spiritual. Let’s discuss each one separately.


You already have a morning routine, whether you realize it or not.

But most of the times, it’s a bad one.

The things we repeatedly do are the foundation of success. And starting every day in a productive, positive and healthy manner is a sure way to achieving our goals.

With each morning we have the chance to make the following day count, to kickstart it and to actually get something done.

Here is how a good morning routine’s physical aspect looks like:

1. It all starts from the night before.

Because you can’t get up early every day if you don’t start going to bed earlier too.

It will be uncomfortable in the beginning as these are some of your most ingrained habits. It takes some time, but the benefits are amazing.

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2. Action plan

Now’s the time to take the actual steps a morning ritual consists of.

They are in no particular order; rearrange them so that they can be the way you like them.

  • Meditation

A quick one will do.

Just trying to stay still for a few minutes, emptying your mind and focusing on your breathing, can make you a more relaxed person and help you deal with stress and anxiety.

It’s even better if you start meditating for longer and include positive affirmations.

  • A glass of water

It may be cold water – to make the body start burning calories to warm it again, or hot water with lemon – to cleanse the organism.

Both are a great addition to your morning ritual.

  • Healthy breakfast

The best choice for me is 30g. of protein within 30 minutes of waking up (a technique I learned from Tim Ferriss).

But whether it’s cereal, fruits or else, it’s up to you.

  • Plan your day

Make a list and decide which your most important tasks are.

  • Check email

One of the best productivity decisions you can take is to check email twice a day: first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.

Many have the habit of doing it every ten minutes, and it distracts them from their actual work.

Now is the time to check it and empty your inbox.

  • Work out

Either have your gym session as a part of your morning ritual (if fitness is your sport), go jogging or for a walk. Or at least do a 20-minute workout at home.

3. Start working on your 3 most important tasks.

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Throughout the morning ritual, nothing else should come in your way. That means no TV, phone, people or daily worries should be on your mind.

I assume the others will still be sleeping at that time. As for the rest, it’s up to you to eliminate distractions.

In the end (late morning), you should feel energetic, motivated, encouraged because you’ve already got a lot done, and will have set the tone for a productive day.

Your morning routine reveals your approach to your days, and your life in general. So make it a good one!


  • Writing

Writing in the morning is a habit all successful people share.

Writing down roughly 3 pages right after you wake up is a sure way to make your whole day better. You’ll be energized, motivated and inspired, and will get more done without being stressed.

That’s the morning pages exercise.

It’s quite simple – you open your eyes in the early morning, grab a notebook (you can type too) and put your dreams, fears and worries, or just current thoughts on paper.

  • Morning pages

Many people wonder what morning pages are. They try to figure out what the best time of the day to do them is, how long to write and how many pages, whether it should be done on an empty stomach, after meditation, what exactly should be written and how to prepare.

Seriously, people search for all of these online. And I can only hope that they actually sit down and do some writing after that (and it’s longer that the browsing).

Because that’s what morning pages are. You just sit down in the morning and write.

Simple as that.

Of course, there are things you can do that will improve the experience and overall effect. Like doing it right after you get up, as a part of your morning ritual, writing for a long time, eliminating distractions and trying to really focus.

All this makes it more helpful and it becomes a successful habit.

But all you need to do is make some time each morning to write for a while. And soon you’ll feel the profound effect they have on you in so many ways.

So do they really work? Yes!

Even if you don’t fancy writing, you can still do this quick exercise. And if done repeatedly, you’ll see improvement in many areas of your daily life.


For most people, early mornings are the worst time of the day.

They start with waking up in an awful mood and being in a hurry as there’s not enough time to get ready. They crave coffee, don’t have breakfast, leave the house in a rush and often forget something.

Basically, the very first thought of their day is negative. And that defines the rest of it.

But for me, the early morning is a sacred time. It’s full of magic, inspiration and peace. It’s also a big part of my morning ritual.

And here’s how you can have that approach too:

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What is your morning ritual (we all have one, whether it’s healthy and successful or not)? And how is that working for you?

Having a morning ritual is one of the few daily habits that can help you get tremendous results in life. Here's how to create your very own morning routine and start the day right: