More employers are opting to give pre-employment assessments.

Although tests are far from perfect, they have a number of benefits. There are several reasons you should give pre-employment assessments. 

Tests are Objective

Many employers will do pre-interview calls and screen resumes before they hire someone. However, you cannot predict how well a person will do on the job by talking to them on the job or screening resumes.

Tests are different. A well-designed test will be able to produce reliable results. 

The Tests are the Same

Pre-interview calls can be unfair. The employer may not ask everyone the same questions.

Pre-employment assessments will be administered in the same way for everyone.

If they are designed to assess job performance, then everyone will be given the same chance to succeed. 

Tests Will Give You Quantifiable Insight

Many people have a gut feeling about who they should hire. However, even though you have a gut feeling about someone, it does not mean that you should hire this particular person.

Going with your gut feeling is not only a bad idea, but this defense will not hold up in court if a person attempts to sue you for discrimination.

A test will give you something tangible that you can use to help you during the hiring process. You will have solid reasons for rejecting a client. 

Higher Productivity

Pre-employment assessments will allow you to see how well a person will do on the job before you hire them.

There have been studies done to show that people who do well on pre-employment assessments are more productive on the job.

One study showed that salespeople who performed well on the aptitude test were 20 percent more productive. 

Save You Time

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There are several traits that you will have to assess during the interview process. That is why the interview process can be long and tedious.

You will be able to assess this during a pre-employment assessment, which will help you save time.

You will also be able to save time because you can weed out people who do not meet the qualifications.

Additionally, there are a number of skills that you will be able to evaluate during the tests. This includes problem-solving, speed and written communication.

Employee Retention

High turnover rates are a problem for many employers. It costs employers time and money to have to keep hiring and training new employees.

You can reduce employee turnover by hiring the right people. A person who has the personality and aptitude for a job will be less likely to leave.

A low turnover rate will not only help you save money, but it will also help you boost your company’s reputation.

This will make your business more attractive to potential employers.

Make the Hiring Process More Efficient

Time is money in the business world.

You have to spend money every time that you screen phone calls, collect feedback, sift through resumes or interview people. It is now easier than ever to apply for jobs. The average job posting will get 250 responses.

That is why it can be difficult for people to find the right candidate.

A pre-employment assessment will help you find highly qualified candidates. You will be able to see which candidates are good for the job.

The Tests are Job-Related

It can be easy for you to get off topic and start talking about things that have nothing to do with the job.

However, a pre-employment assessment can be designed to where the only questions that are asked are related to the job. This is another way that the tests will help you save money.