You might be finding it hard to cope with school, but you know you need that job to keep yourself afloat. What do you do?

Juggling between work and school can be incredibly stressing, especially because both endeavors demand ample time and unfaltering concentration.

A recent research study conducted by Georgetown University concluded that over 14 million students work while still enrolled in college. This represents around 70% of American college students working while studying, a staggering statistic to say the least.

The high cost of college education around the world has prompted millions of students – especially those in the low-income bracket – to look for full-time jobs that can help offset the tuition fees.

Although most jobs don’t pay students enough wages to cover their living expenses and tuition fees, these wages go a long way in reducing the deficit.

A lot of people think that having a job while studying will be very stressful, but that is really not the case.

If you have a goal and a mission, you will definitely be able to balance working and studying.

In fact, it is more than just balancing a job and school. There is a lot to gain from working while studying.

Why You Should Be Working While Studying

1. Earning Income

Well, earning an income is an obvious advantage of having a job.

That’s more than likely why you considered having a job in the first place, unless you just love to work for free! But then, that would be called volunteering.

The money you make from working while studying could help to cover the cost for your tuition, school supplies, travel expenses, accommodation, food, and just about anything you’ll need.

Even if you are studying with a full scholarship it wouldn’t hurt to earn extra bucks, it’s up to you. Who doesn’t like to have a few extra bucks, really?

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2. Gaining experience in the workplace

In addition to earning money, having a job gives you a full immersion into the world of work.

Whether your job is online or offline, you will get to understand the dynamic within a working environment on a daily basis or however often you work.

You will get to experience the type of teamwork and hierarchical systematic processes that all come together to accomplish one goal in the end.

You will also get a glimpse of how the meritocracy system in the workplace, that is, rewards attributed to hard work which usually manifest in the form of acknowledgement, bonuses, promotions, etc.

This will encourage you to continue to work hard during school as you’ll see that hard work truly pays off.

3. Networking

Working in a job that is within your field of study or desired career path is ideal, which is perfect grounds for networking. But that won’t be the reality for everyone.

So, sometimes we don’t necessarily get a job in our field of study while we are studying. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t network.

Once you meet someone that is within your field of study, a related field or any field, who you think could guide you along your career path in some way don’t hesitate to create a solid link.

It could be a co-worker, a company partner, a client/customer or even a brand ambassador.

Networking helps you with building a professional support group or even potential clientele for future reference.

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4. Increase Marketability

5 Must-Learn Negotiation Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Master

By the time you are done studying, you will have a couple of months or years of experience in the workplace that you can add to your professional resume.

No matter where you worked, there is always something that you learn that you can apply in a new work environment.

For many starter jobs that allow you to be working while studying, at least one-year work experience is usually a requirement. So, the more experience you have the better.

5. Improvement of Time Management Skills

In order to always be on time for work and handing in assignments, you will naturally try to create a strict schedule to keep you on track with everything.

You will learn how to prioritize and develop your time management skills when working while studying.

Of course, your working hours will be centered around your school schedule with room for studying if you want to successfully finish your studies.

Having a tight schedule usually forces you to stick to it in order to accomplish your goals.

6. Gaining crucial soft skills

Students learn a plethora of skills when they’re exposed to a working environment.

Soft skills such as good communication and decision making skills usually come in handy when your career kicks off.

To a select few, such skills come naturally. However, most students acquire these skills when they start working.

In addition, working students also develop a distinct ability to manage their funds and plan their schedules.

Overall, working while studying has both benefits and drawbacks, depending on the number of hours you put in.

7. It provides a sense of independence

Getting a job while still in college allows students to get a unique sense of independence that previously didn’t exist.

Most students enjoy their jobs because it offers a certain degree of financial and personal freedom.

The money they get from working while studying is used for a variety of purposes.

Some students use it to settle their rent and utility bills while others create small businesses using the same funds.

Delightfully, money opens a plethora of possibilities. But it’s important for working students to learn the crucial art of financial management to avoid wasting their money on unnecessary stuff.

It’s easy to get caught up in the world of drugs and alcohol – that’s why self-discipline is critical.

Now that you see how beneficial working while studying can be for you, go right ahead with confidence and find a job that is suitable for you. Remember that you have a goal that you want to achieve. All the best!

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