The way you dress is undoubtedly important to the impression you make at work and in business.

People will assess the way you present yourself and use it to make judgments about how you will be to work with and your level of professionalism.

Stay at the top of your game and demand the respect of your colleagues and clients with these instant office attire upgrades.

To Suit, Or Not To Suit?

There are untold columns devoted to how women should dress for the office, while there remains a general assumption that it is an easy decision for men.

The only question is whether to wear a suit or not, right? The short answer is no.

Dressing for the office is as much of a task for men as it is for the ladies; making an impact with your clothing takes time and serious consideration.

To help you make the best possible impression at work, in this article we will look at the most important ways you can ensure you are making a powerful statement with your clothes.

Tailoring is key

Gentlemen, if you are wearing a suit, it is imperative that it fits you well.

If you have cash to spare then always consider getting your suit tailored to your measurements, while for those who can’t afford the full bespoke service, do at least make sure to go to a reputable menswear store and speak to the assistants there.

Pay close attention to the length of the trousers, the chest size of the jacket and the arm length.

Of course, if you are going to the effort of ensuring your suit is the right fit, it is equally important to make sure your shirt fits, too.

Start by finding a shirt that fits your neck size, then either opt to have it tailored to fit your chest or use one of these shirt tucking techniques to make sure it doesn’t come loose during the day.

Eye-catching details

Adding a striking detail to your outfit is the best way to grab attention in a subtle but effective manner.

Assess the kind of office environment you work in to get a feel for what will function best for you. If you are looking for something a little tongue-in-cheek then brightly colored or patterned socks can work well with an otherwise simple suit. For something that channels a James Bond-level of suave and cool, opt for a pocket square or cravat.

A classic business attire accessory is, of course, the watch, which can be used as much as a status symbol as for any practical purpose.

Using a bag

Most of us have some kind of work laptop that we need to take around with us these days, and with it comes all of the other tech trappings: chargers, cables, and various other miscellaneous items.

Rather than simply slinging it into your decade-old rucksack, pick a bag that complements the effort you put into the rest of your outfit.

Choose a style that you like and suits your needs, be it a messenger bag, briefcase, or slim laptop bag.

Pay attention to the material: if this is a bag that will be traveling with you every day, then it should be durable enough to withstand a fair bit of use without scuffing. For inspiration, take a look at Mr Porter’s top picks for the modern man.