7 Budget-Friendly Business Office Decorating Ideas

Redecorating your office space is a chaotic business! I have been in the situation so often that I practically consider myself an expert on the topic of coming up with business office decorating ideas on a budget.

But redecorating, alone, is not a hard enough job. The real task is renovating when you’re on a budget.

I mean, sure you can put off the renovation until you get a hefty budget for it but I doubt you’re ever going to earn good profits with a shabby-looking, poor office.

To get the money flowing into your business, you need to put money into the vicinity first.

You’re going to need some help with it because I did too! And I will pass on a few valuable business office decorating ideas that I got from my friends who are in the business of renovation. So, let’s begin with the list.

7 Business Office Decorating Ideas

1. Throw in Some Rugs!

Yes, you heard me right. You have to add in some stylish, area rugs that do not necessarily cover the entire floor. The purpose of these rugs is to add a touch of comfort and style to your office’s overall outlook.

Another flexible element regarding area rugs is that they come in numerous shapes and sizes, so you can very quickly find a rug that goes with your space.

Opt for a pop of patterned carpet especially if you have your office designed in a monochromatic scheme.

You can use a rug to separate two portions of a large office. The part with the rug can serve as a rest area or a living room like space.

You can look for rugs in thrift stores instead of buying from top-notch stores if you cannot afford them, get it dry-cleaned and you’ll find that the merchandise is worth the money.

2. Colorful Pillows

Now that you have added the rug to your office make the area pop with colors by adding some pillows in it.

Throw pillows are not very expensive, and they will make your office sofas look very comfy and homely.

The choice with throw pillows can be extensive; there are many colors and style. And you can modify the look of your office by the type of pillows you choose. I find that pillows can look like an incredible splash of color in an otherwise bland room.

3. Lighting

Ingrain it in your minds that the lighting has a powerful relationship with your productivity.

Before we discuss the kind and style of lights that you should install in your office, you have to make sure that it is neither too bright or too dim. Or else it will severely affect the productivity and engagement of your employees.

Moving on, you can find light in a wide variety of design, ranging from traditional floor lamps to sleek and modern table lamps.

Feel free to surf the internet and window shop before you decide what lights you should buy. Take your time, so you do not regret the decision later.

4. Paintings

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You didn’t think of this one of the business office decorating ideas, right? Well, not all paintings are expensive.

I find some exquisite pieces of art on that young and struggling artists are trying to sell. Buy a few which you think would go with the color scheme and design of your office. When you mount them on the walls, you will realize you made a good investment.

If your office is designed in a monochromatic color scheme or modern design, opt for abstracts or paintings of patterns.

CanvasPop, who has been printing canvases for over 10 years, is the perfect option to print affordable office art.

5. Notice Boards

This tip is not entirely based on the decorative aspect of office renovation. Adding a few stylish notice boards will give you the advantage of being able to post notices in conspicuous places.

Nowadays, companies use emails to notify their employees of any news, but try becoming a bit old-school. I am sure you and your employees would enjoy it. Display chalkboards in individual offices so that your employees can use them for brainstorming, they’re inexpensive and the look classic.

6. Go Green

Ever thought about adding plants to your office? I’ll admit if you raised your hand but I know you don’t have plants in your office only because of their maintenance.

It can get tough to take care of the plants, and they can perish easily when ignored. Let me give you the ultimate solution to this problem.

Buy some fake plants for your office, you will not have to water or trim them, and they will always look lusciously green and refreshing. But if someone can take care of the office plants for you, you should opt for the real thing because it will also improve the office’s environment.

7. Furnishing

You will have to pay particular attention to the furniture you’re spending your fortune on. I understand that buying large mahogany desks seem to be a very appealing option.

However, can you figure out ways in which this marvelous desk can increase productivity?

That’s right; you cannot. That’s because all the glitter does not end up serving as the gold.

I hope this piece of advice will help you make the right choice for your next renovation endeavor. Good luck with these business office decorating ideas.

About The Author

Hannah is an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture and accessories for home decor and workplace. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home and office maintenance tips and tricks. Read more about her posts at ergoedge.com.

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