6 Cozy Home Office Decor Ideas That Will Make You Love Working from Home

One of my most favorite things about being self-employed and working online is that you can work from the comfort of your home and create a beautiful workspace that supports creativity and productivity.

So today, I want to share with you some cozy home office decor ideas that will make your office space feel more magical. What you see around you while you do your work, what you smell, and what you feel are all things that directly affect your output in business. 

Upgrading your office space can mean stepping it up as a business owner too. So here are some decor ideas for your home office that I absolutely love and recommend:

Cozy Home Office Decor Ideas

1. Use aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote well-being, and it can have a wonderful effect on your mind, body and spirit if you add it to your home office. 

For a start, aromatherapy is often used for stress management. Certain essential oils, such as lavender, chamomile, and bergamot, are believed to have calming effects that can help reduce stress and anxiety levels in the workplace. And ylang-ylang or jasmine are often associated with mood enhancement and relaxation.

Pleasant scents can positively impact mood and create a more enjoyable work environment. 

Aromatherapy also contributes to increased alertness and focus. Aromas such as eucalyptus or peppermint help combat fatigue and promote a more energized workplace.

One of my favorite things about aromatherapy is that you can choose the scents that work best for you.

I recently got a new diffuser actually. It’s by Organic Aromas – the creators of the worlds’ best Nebulizing Diffuser, which requires no heat, no water and no plastic. It can emit a very strong, pure aroma across a wide area in a very short period of time. It’s clean, quiet and safe to use.

If you’re wondering how nebulizing diffusers work exactly, here’s an explanation of that.

You can see my diffuser on the image below. It’s called Opulence and I picked the marble gray version as it goes well with my desk. 

home office decor ideas - diffuser, aromatherapy

It has a handcrafted ceramic base, which is formed by clay, covered with a glaze and fired at nearly 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of it is the glass reservoir with white LED mood lighting inside.

I absolutely love how easy it is to use, how strong the smell is (which means I don’t need to use it for long) and how beautiful it looks. 

Organic Aromas have many other products too, including essential oils and whole kits that you can order for yourself or as a gift. You can check them out here.

2. Add some greenery. 

The next one of the cozy home office decor ideas I want to share with you is to add plants, but to be more strategic about it.

Make sure you choose easy-to-care-for indoor plants and go for the ones that have benefits not just for your environment but for your well-being.

Some indoor plants are known for their ability to improve air quality by filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen. Here are some:

  • Spider plant;
  • Snake plant;
  • Aloe Vera;
  • Boston Fern;
  • Rubber plant;
  • Areca Palm;
  • Golden Pothos;
  • Gerbera Daisy;
  • Bamboo Palm;
  • English Ivy.

Remember to consider the specific care requirements of each plant, such as light and water needs, to make sure they thrive in your home office space.

Additionally, having a variety of these plants can contribute to a healthier and more diverse indoor ecosystem, which is directly related to more focus during work, lower stress and anxiety levels, better sleep and more energy during the day.

3. Display artwork.

Another idea for a cozy home office is to display art. It can be something that inspires you, empowers you, and is just pleasant to look at.

Hang artwork or motivational quotes that resonate with you. Consider a gallery wall with a mix of framed prints and artwork. 

At some point, I had that at home and I was looking at it daily when I worked from my desk. I called it my real life vision board and it had photos of things that are related to my goals and biggest desires in life and business. For other people, these prints meant nothing. But for me, it was the reason to find hope during the hard days in my business and keep my vision in mind.  

But art goes beyond that too. You can, for example, combine vintage furniture or personal items with sentimental value.

Mixing old and new elements can add character to the space. Plus, art is subjective. Anything that means something to you and makes you feel in a certain way can be called art, and you’re free to make it part of your home office.

4. Create a cozy nook.

If you have the space for it, why have only a desk in your home office? You can create an extra space such as a reading corner, relaxation nook, or just add floor cushions for a relaxed seating option.

You can add a bookshelf there too and display your favorite books in an aesthetically pleasing way. If you have more space left, you can even add a sofa bed, another desk (a standing one, for example, so you can switch between the different spots and have a more active workday), or any other piece of furniture.

If you’re into spirituality, you can also have a meditation space in your home office, or an altar with objects you can connect with energetically and which you use for your spiritual practices.

It can be the place where you clear your energy, set yourself up for the workday or let go of what no longer serves you at the end of it. It can be the place where you connect with your heart, hear your intuition and use it for business decisions, or do manifestation practices to bring your vision to life.

5. Get organized.

If you love different productivity hacks and crave organization in your life and business, you can combine that with making your home office space cozier than ever.

For example, you can invest in stylish storage solutions to keep your workspace tidy, and add plush area rugs around them to create a feeling of warmth in the space.

You can also get decorative baskets or boxes, which can be both functional and visually appealing, and display personal photos or other items somewhere around them. 

Get a corkboard or magnetic board for displaying your to-do list but also for inspiration (quotes, affirmations and anything like that can go on it).

These are just some ideas on how you can combine organization with personalization and comfort in your home office.

6. Soft lightning. 

Inadequate lightning can lead to lack of focus, bad performance, tiredness and even headaches, so let’s take care of that. 

Bright and fluorescent lights can overstimulate the brain and many people are sensitive to them. Warmer tones, on the other hand, create a sense of comfort. They also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your home office and create a visually pleasing environment, making the space more enjoyable to be in.

Soft lightning helps minimize glare and harsh shadows, reducing eye strain. This is especially important when you’re spending long periods of time in front of the screen.

So consider adding ambient lighting with table lamps, floor lamps, or string lights. You can also use LED bulbs with warm color temperatures.

Now you know how to make your workspace cozier. What other home office decor ideas have you come up with?

Upgrading your office space means stepping it up as a business owner too. So here are some cozy home office decor ideas: