How I Design a Home Office as a Lifestyle Designer

My lifestyle design project has been going on for quite a long time now, maybe even a decade.

It all began by not being satisfied with my life while in high school and then university. I then got my hands on The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss which introduced to me ideas I’ve never thought about before.

I started reading interesting blogs that shared the stories of people calling themselves ‘location independent’ and ‘lifestyle designers’. They were living quite differently from the way I knew.

They quit their jobs, started making money online in some way that provided value and which they enjoyed. Many turned that into a business and scaled it to 5- or 6-figures. But the fun part is the actual lifestyle.

They live where they want (often relocate to a country completely different from theirs), spend their time however they want (traveling, creating, learning, doing work they love, etc.), surround themselves with like-minded people and so much more.

Each element of their life was strategically thought out and then turned into reality. 

The more I read about it, the more I believed it was possible for anyone to achieve this.

My Journey So Far as a Lifestyle Designer

Here’s how things have been for me since then.

I realized my power is writing and started this blog. At that time, I barely knew what blogging even was and had no idea it was possible to make money from it.

I then began researching what other bloggers and writers were doing online which led me to set the goal of becoming a freelancer.

I set up profiles on Upwork and other sites with the hope of writing for clients and start a business. It took a long time. What helped me get there is the fact that I was posting articles on the blog and used that as my portfolio.

Eventually, I landed my first gigs and earned my $100 online.

For months I kept it this way, developing my skills as a writer, freelancer and blogger and learning more about the digital world.

At some point, I made my first $1000 online in a month. During that time I’d also defined my passions and was writing only on topics I loved, such as productivity, personal success, mental health, mindset, discipline, etc.

Needless to say, I was also reading a lot on personal development and applying the strategies to my life.

That means waking up earlier to work on my side hustle and making sure that extra $1000/month keeps coming.

As I come from a cheap country – Bulgaria, that meant more than enough to live well, knowing I was living with my parents and didn’t need to worry about rent. 

I soon started earning from the blog too – from sponsored posts. In addition, I wrote a few eBooks and was selling them.

how to start a blog in 1 day - free course

Once I had that income, I felt like it was time to do something with it. With some savings in my bank account and a one-way ticket to the Netherlands – the country where I wanted to move – I began a new chapter.

Almost 3 years later, I’m still living happily here, my income is 5x bigger, I’ve turned this blogging thing into a real business and don’t do freelance work anymore.

I’ve also removed any unnecessary elements from my life, have created an enjoyable daily life for myself, and am making the most out of the beautiful city I live in.

Which brings me to the next point.

The Importance of a Living Space That Fits Your Lifestyle

What I lacked in the first place I lived in after moving to Amsterdam was my home office space. 

When working from home, that’s a huge part of your life. I also know from experience that it’s closely related to whether or not you grow your business fast as well as your mood on a day to day basis.

The next element of my lifestyle design project was this – finding a place in a new building which I could call my temple but also my home office.

And it happened just earlier last month. The building is for young professionals and construction was just completed, which is great knowing how many old buildings there are in this city and what problems that brings.

In addition, it’s in a great area with ethnic diversity and right next to the river, Amstel, and a business center. 

There is a co-working space downstairs which I can visit whenever I feel like and do some work. The environment breeds productivity and also social life as other young people are doing the same there.

As for the home, that’s where the magic happens.

My business won’t be the same if it wasn’t for the countless hours spent in front of the screen at home and on my own. And that’s exactly what I need more of in order to get where I want to be, which is to earn passive income from selling my online courses. 

I’m still furnishing the place and slowly turning it into my ideal home. I already felt the benefits such as:

  • Being more relaxed;
  • Having a positive start of the day;
  • Setting my own rules;
  • More focus;
  • Motivation to work on the right things and keep increasing my income;
  • Having like-minded neighbors;
  • Taking more care of the home and thus appreciating it more;
  • Increased productivity;
  • More desire to keep the design minimalist and the place clean and organized.

The high rent is absolutely worth it knowing how much time I spend there and how important my work is. I believe moving here was a crucial step to reaching the next level of my lifestyle design project.

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The Home Office

Okay, apparently for a blogger or any other type of business owner the home office is where the real deal is. 

I live in a studio and have furnished the bedroom and living room areas. Between them, I will place a desk. It will probably be a standing desk as it’s best for my health, mind and focus to alternate periods of sitting and standing while working every day. In addition, I want it to look good and have a nice chair next to it. 

Personalizing the home office is key too but be careful not to overdo it. For example, I just received the canvas that I bought for my home office area. As with anything else in my home, the white color is the main one.

If you too want to bring your walls to life, make sure you choose a product from a company that resonates with you. The message (if there’s text) on the canvas should motivate you and make you feel good any time you look at it.

This is the one I chose and it will soon be up on the wall right above my desk.

canvas for home office

It’s by Inktuitive – a fast-growing creator of inspirational canvas for the modern lifestyle, a big hit for those working from home or interested in personal development.

How you design your space affects what your thoughts are when you’re at home. And that affects your actions, including your work.

If you too want to spice up your home office and hustle more, check them out.

Don’t forget that a home office should be clean, organized and functional. Too many belongings will simply cause clutter and that distracts you.

Getting plants is a good idea as they help reduce stress, clean the air and boost creativity.

In addition, think in terms of comfort. Even if you’re on a budget, don’t hesitate to invest most of your money into a desk and chair that will forever keep you healthy and productive at home.

So that’s how your home office is yet another element that can fit the lifestyle you create for yourself. 

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