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Learning more about blogging is a never-ending journey. It’s something I’ve accepted a long time ago, long before I got into the blogging business.

That also means constantly learning from the experts in the field. One format I – and many of you – love is online courses.

It’s much better than eBooks or reading guides online. It’s well-organized and covers a lot in one product. It’s also interactive, with video content and solves real problems.

The latest course I bought is Six-Figure Blogger, and in this article, I wanted to share the reasons why I chose that product.

1. It’s created by six figure bloggers.

The very first thing I do before investing in a product (especially an expensive one like that) is to make sure I know who made it. In this case, it’s Alex and Lauren, the bloggers behind Create and Go who earn over $100K/month.

I’ve personally interviewed them for the blog (here’s the interview) and have been following their blogs and business for a long time. In fact, I even took another one of their courses earlier this year, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, which helped me see big results with bringing traffic from Pinterest to my blog.

I’ve been thinking about buying Six-Figure Blogger for a long time now but never got to this point. However, now that my blog gets over 100,000 monthly page views and I have a big product to sell (Financial Freedom Through Blogging), I knew it was time for it.

2. I want to take my blog to the next level.

I know exactly what I need to get better at – email marketing, building relationships with my audience, creating content that sells, and selling my digital products successfully. And these are exactly the things Alex and Lauren cover in the course.

It will take a ton of work and that’s why I’m going through each section slowly. It might take a few months to learn everything inside the course and even more to implement it, but that’s okay.

Because once a blogger masters email marketing and product sales, they can take their blog from a few thousand dollars per month to $10K in monthly revenue. Not to mention that this is passive income and can lead to creating an audience of loyal readers who would spread the word and buy your next products too.

It’s all in the name of creating content on topics you have experience with, of course, and providing a ton of value.

3. I want to help others make money online and live their best life.

My big goal is to help other people online do what I achieved in the last 5 years – start a blog, grow and monetize it, make a real income out of it and use it to live life on their own terms. And that’s what I teach in my premium course Financial Freedom Through Blogging.

While I invested months to create and organize the content for this course and make sure it shares my unique experience and exact steps I’ve taken, promoting and selling it is no easy work.

The only way for me to get better at this is to learn from a course like Six-Figure Blogger, which has sections about selling online courses to your audience. 

4. I want to increase conversions for the traffic I’m already getting.

Some bloggers earn over $5000/month with one-third of the traffic I get, which often reminds me that I have no real monetization strategy in place. 

From the very first sections of Six-Figure Blogger, I got the chance to learn more about the components of the basic sales equation, the customer journey, the six-figure blog formula, and more.

That helped me look at the bigger picture of my blogging business and see how much I don’t know which is preventing me from growing my income and helping people.

If you too are interested in learning more about those aspects of blogging, check out Six-Figure Blogger.

Alex and Lauren also have other courses and bundles for beginner bloggers. Here are all their products:

Launch Your Blog Biz

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Blog Biz Bundle

What other blogging courses have you taken or thinking of taking?

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The latest course I bought is Six-Figure Blogger, and in this article, I wanted to share the reasons why I chose that product. #sixfigureblogger #sixfigurebloggerreview #makemoneyblogging #makemoneyonline #bloggingtips #startablog