The Newbie Guide to Passive Income Online: What Is It and How to Get Started

When we enter the working world, many of us see the office chair as integral to our careers. This is especially true in a world where the majority of us spend between four and nine hours at our desks each day.

Even as freelance jobs become the norm, most of us operate from home-based offices, or within communal office spaces. 

But, we’re here to tell you that you could benefit from ditching the chair at last and spreading your working wings.

Of course, some people are suited to office work. If you’re flourishing in your career right now then feel free to click away. If, however, your office chair is driving your crazy, then keep reading.

The fact is that, for many of us, office work is more of an onward march than a specific choice. You might not have even realised that there are alternatives out there. But, trust us when we say that there are and that each could transform your life for the better.

Remote work is perhaps the most popular option here.

The very word ‘remote’ means that you can work anywhere. You might need a laptop, but you could complete tasks while dipping your toes in a pool somewhere far away.

Or, you might like the sound of more traditional freeing options, such as the air-based careers you could achieve with these top 10 aviation courses.

If you want to get out of the office, it’s in your power to do it. The question is, what benefits do you stand to see by finally taking the plunge?

1. Inspiration which is easier to come by

Even with the best decor efforts in the world, offices aren’t the most inspiring of places.

If you sit at your desk each day, coming up with fresh ideas can get tough. That can stop you from succeeding in your career the way you might like.

By comparison, a job which takes you places other than your office chair can bring a whole world of inspiration to your door.

Merely being able to work on your balcony in the morning could open up a wealth of ideas you wouldn’t get in an office cubicle.

Equally, being able to travel across the world for work could see you inspired every single day of your life.

You certainly wouldn’t feel that typical career boredom if work each day meant flying to a whole new country. Instead, things would remain fresh and exciting, no matter how many years you spent working this job. 

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2. Better health all around

It’s no secret that office work can lead to a multitude of health complaints.

Most notably, 80% of UK workers suffer back pain, and this is primarily due to, you guessed it, the office chair.

As soon as you spread your career wings, you should see that back pains like these become a thing of your past pretty fast. That’s because you’ll be in a better position to work in ways which are comfortable for you, and which don’t lead to that same strain.

Back pain isn’t the only health complaint from office workers, either. There’s evidence to show that sitting for extended periods can also lead to shortened lifespans.

You could say, then, that you owe it to your life to make a change.

While those who love their office jobs could make do with standing desks, careers which keep you on the go can also go a long way towards improved health.

With Mediterranean diets and sunshine also thought to aid a healthy lifestyle, those who travel for work are particularly on-track for improvements. 

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3. No more feeling trapped

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Feeling trapped is perhaps the worst sensation to come from your typical office position.

After a year or two of spending days in that same office chair, you may begin to feel anxiety or even dissatisfaction. These are feelings which will only worsen as time goes on. Even moving to another office won’t do much to alleviate this sensation for long.

The trouble is that you won’t be able to achieve desired productivity levels this way. You might not even be able to find satisfaction in life.

As soon as you shake your office chair, though, you should be able to keep that trapped feeling at bay for good.

Whether you become a traveling entrepreneur or a remote worker, you can forever keep productivity and job satisfaction high on the move. It’s certainly difficult to imagine feeling trapped when the sky is (literally) your working limit.

4. Forget about FOMO

FOMO (also known as a fear of missing out) is a sadly common phenomenon in our modern lives. That’s not really surprising when most of us even miss out on the weather during a working day.

With set and stifling hours, many of us can’t even fit our work lives around the most basic of weekday events which catch our interest.

Is it any wonder, then, that we end up sitting at our desks feeling that we’re missing out?

Luckily, when you ditch the desk chair, you can also ditch this feeling that life is going on without you. That’s especially the case with remote work, which allows you to work where you want and when.

That means that, finally, you would be able to enjoy all the opportunities your office job kept you from. Even a traveling job or work on an airline could help to keep this feeling at bay.

How could you miss out when you’re able to travel across the world and get paid doing it, after all?

Admittedly, ditching the office chair isn’t for everyone. Jobs which allow you to spread your wings can also require long hours and significant commitments.

If you have a family at home, then, they may not be the solution you’re after. But, if your personal life allows for it and these benefits appeal to you, then finally doing away with your office chair and spreading your working wings could be just the thing you need.