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For the past year, we have been subject to the worst virus pandemic in living memory which as it stands has claimed 2.79 million lives from 128 million cases globally. Were it not for the amazing work done by medical and healthcare professionals in many countries the world over, the toll that Covid-19 has taken could have been much, much worse.

As expected, the pandemic is all that anyone is talking about, and for good reason. No one in the world has been unaffected by the virus in some form or another, whether it’s contracting the disease, having a loved one die, or job losses suffered by the devastating economic impact of Coronavirus.

Because the virus is being discussed so much, for any writer it makes sense that Covid-19 should be included on their blog in some way whether it’s to discuss current lockdown procedures, speculate on the future of the situation, or casually mention how it has affected their lives and routines.

Given that a pandemic is a medical situation, however, it would be a good idea to make the most of including medical-related posts or information when discussing the virus since the medical profession is doing an amazing job of holding Covid back as much as they can by giving advice, enforcing strict measures in medical establishments and testing or vaccinating citizens.

Some popular blog post ideas could include:

  • Testing and Vaccines
  • The Effect on Doctors and Nurses

The rapid development and deployment of Covid 19 tests and vaccines have been nothing short of impressive as the entire world worked together to combat the outbreak while since they are doing such great work it is easy to forget the effects that the virus has had on the frontline medical staff. 

Testing and Vaccines

You only need to take a quick look at Google Trends to see how Covid 19 could be a boost to your site with a well-written post. Because of their importance right now, queries about Covid testing and vaccinations are currently high in volume across the United States with the top 5 queries including terms for Covid-19 vaccines and testing.

Additionally, with Nurses Week coming up, some professionals might want to gear up with some new clothing like Uniform Advantage medical scrubs so they can brighten up the time between the 6th and 12th of May.

Coinciding with Florence Nightingale’s birthday, Nurses Week is a chance for the world to show appreciation for the hard work that nurses do, no more so ever than over the past 12 months, so writing a post about this or as a piece of additional content could help boost your on-page SEO about Covid-19 related matters, such as:

  • Close vaccines
  • Covid-19 testing
  • Covid-19 prevention

Close Vaccines

The current top related query to Covid-19, according to Google Trends is “covid-19 vaccine near me”. This is a golden opportunity to help your readers while making the most of a top-rated search term. At the moment, there are millions of people searching for information on vaccines such as where and when they can get them.

A lengthy blog post on how and when people can get their vaccine by state would not only be educational and informative, but extremely relevant to current search queries, your blog, and the readers looking for the information.

Ranking isn’t guaranteed, but if this is handled correctly then it could be highly beneficial and rank well. This could even be broken down into cities or counties and how vaccines are being dealt with at the local level.

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Covid-19 Testing

How to Keep Your Business Going and Make a Profit During The Pandemic

Hand in hand with vaccinations are the testing procedures currently being undertaken by local authorities. “Covid-19 rapid test near me” is currently at number 4 in Covid-19 related queries as people still seek to get monthly or weekly tests so as to be as careful as possible as they await a vaccine appointment.

There are numerous types of tests available, each with its own pros and cons, so breaking these down into a comparable list alongside where they are available by localities has the potential to be a high ranking or competitive post since you will be adding extra information to a bloated topic, a good SEO technique and standard practice of professional bloggers Brian Dean and Neil Patel. 

Covid-19 Prevention

The term “covid-19 prevention” currently sits at number 8 in the related queries list but this is only because the current focus is on vaccines and although vaccines are rolling out, prevention is no less important and is commonly said to be better than the cure.

Healthcare professionals are hard at work every day giving advice on how to prevent the spread of the disease. And while it might be a much-covered topic that has a low chance of ranking should you create a post about it, the subject could be included as part of a larger post, perhaps also containing the other 2 queries mentioned.

The Effect on Doctors and Nurses

The past years have forced the worldwide medical profession to come together as a global institution to combat something that we have never had to face before, a complete worldwide pandemic like something from a movie.

Because of their amazing dedication and professionalism, it has been easy to miss the toll that the pandemic has taken on the medical staff on the front line of this war on a virus.

While there are no top-rated Covid-19 related queries concerning doctors and nurses, their importance shouldn’t be forgotten. Given that most information on this matter comes from sporadic and vaguely covered news reports, you could introduce special posts on the great work that has been done by medical staff, covering such things as:

  • Death and infection
  • Overtime and demands
  • What has been learned

Death and Infection

As well-trained and professional as they are, and although they might appear to be, doctors and nurses are not invulnerable. Due to their proximity to infected patients, especially at the start of the viral outbreak, many medical employees contracted and ultimately died from Covid-19.

Many courageous doctors and nurses even treated patients with no regard for their own safety while PPE was not available. Currently, over 7,000 healthcare workers including doctors and nurses have died from Covid.

A remembrance post could be written in dedication to the healthcare workers that have passed away from this terrible infection. While it might be seen as capitalizing on tragedy, it is information nonetheless and if handled in a respectful and sincere manner has the potential to become a well-known post.

While many charities have struggled during the outbreak, charities have been set up to help the charities themselves, so you could also halt monetization for posts relating to Covid death or donate the money to Covid-related charities.

Overtime and Demands

As well as taking an initial heavy hit at the start of the pandemic, the woes of doctors and nurses didn’t end there. Many hospitals became overwhelmed to the point where patients had to be turned away, stored in an unequipped wing or even left to die in some countries.

Obviously, this goes against everything that a medical professional stands for, especially the Hippocratic oath that is taken by doctors the world over so people might like to read posts about the mistreatment and mismanagement of healthcare workers.

The mass influx of patients meant that medical staff had to deal with far more than they could handle and there were reports of many doctors and nurses having irresponsible demands placed upon them by senior officials.

One of the worst was having to work long hours and this doesn’t refer to an extra hour or two, but actual double shifts with no sleep. This even led to the UK asking retired doctors and nurses to temporarily come back to aid British hospitals, with a huge financial incentive offered.

What Has Been Learned

Of course, when all of this is over, whenever that may be, hopefully it will not have been for nothing.

The way in which some of the world’s greatest nations worked together to develop tests, vaccines, and procedures will go down in history as one the greatest yet most tragic achievements in the history of the world. As we all scrambled to adapt to life behind closed doors and face masks in order to protect ourselves, the damage had already been done.

However, during our time under lockdown restrictions and under the risk of heavy penalties, restricted international travel, and government-ordered isolation, there have been valuable lessons learned. Not only in the way a crisis should be managed by healthcare organizations, but how governments need to deal with the issues and most of all, how we treat each other. 

Respect for each other’s personal space, health, and safety was flouted when the pandemic first began as most people shrugged off the virus as a passing inconvenience which has happened so many times before with SARS and Swine Flu, but this time it was real and close to home.

Because of the massive impact that this pandemic has had on the world, blogging about the events and the causality of them will provide content for years to come as we deal with, learn from, assess, and move on from Covid-19.