You see me teach blogging. You hear about my podcast episodes, freebies, the people I collaborate with, the new programs I work on, the income I earn, and so much more.

You know what I’m working on daily and what my business is all about.

But one thing has been a constant in the last years, and I don’t speak about it that much. 

It’s my biggest income stream – blog sponsorships.

It’s something I created free content around over the years, the numbers are shared in my income reports, and there’s even a whole module about it in my course Blog to Biz System.

And still, I have so much more to say about it, but the time just wasn’t right. I was focused on other things.

Now, it feels like the time is here. Before I dive into creating the content for Bold Business School (my very special membership program that teaches you how to build a digital product business) in 2022, I will create one more course for bloggers.

This time on a really specific topic. One I haven’t revealed everything I know about yet, and after working with hundreds of clients over the years, after earning 6 figures through sponsored content in the last years, after getting hundreds of emails per month from people who want to work with me, I’ve learned a thing or two.

This course will be special in a different way than my other programs.

It will be exclusive.

Anything else in my business so far I learned from research + experimenting + other people’s content + investing in programs.

But not this. Not blog sponsorships.

Working with brands just became my thing and it’s the 1 income stream that hasn’t changed. I doubled my rates, I now have a sponsored package for $1,400 that many brands gladly accept, and it’s all happening behind the scenes.

I learned all I know about working with brands (joining marketplaces that offer sponsored post opportunities, finding and pitching brands, creating a page for sponsors and a media kit, creating your packages, deciding your rates, negotiating prices, turning your site into a platform brands would be happy to work with, forming lasting relationships with clients, making sure you get paid every time and even getting paid in advance, being the one in control of not just the rates but also all the conditions that go into such a collaboration, spotting scams, and so much more).

And I’ll be covering ALL THAT in my new course The Blog Sponsorship Boss.

Introducing The Blog Sponsorship Boss

the blog sponsorship boss course

The Blog Sponsorship Boss is your one-stop shop for anything related to making money with sponsored content as a blogger (from making your site irresistible to brands and joining marketplaces that offer sponsored opportunities, to reaching out to brands yourself, negotiating your rates, and turning this into a regular income).

Another reason this program is different than my other ones is that it feels like it’s my logical next step, my mission.

I will create one more blogging program (this one) before I move onto teaching digital products and focusing on course creators as my target audience. 

But I can’t move on before I share all I know about blogging, and sponsorships were the 1 aspect I hadn’t taught in detail yet.

Also, I feel more confident in this than I do with anything else. 

Fellow full-time bloggers have reached out to me over the years to ask about this. That’s because it hasn’t worked for everyone, even if they are earning 5 or 6 figures. 

There are many questions when it comes to sponsored content and working with brands, and no one was there to answer them for me.

I couldn’t do any research as there isn’t info about it out there. I relied on my experience + intuition.

Now that it’s been so many years, I have to share it with those of you interested in doing the same – adding sponsored content as another blog moentization method in your business and turning it into recurring revenue.

If this sounds like something you can benefit from, learn more about The Blog Sponsorship Boss here.

What’s inside the course

Here’s what you’ll learn in each module of the course:


In the first section of the course, you’ll learn what sponsored content is and how it works for bloggers. You’ll hear a bit more about my experience with it, from the early days when I knew nothing to today, when I earn a few thousand dollars per month with it and invest only around 1-2 hours weekly.

I’ll also debunk a few common myths about blog sponsorships that might have been stopping you from growing this income stream up until now.


Next, you’ll learn what sponsors actually want from a blogger and what they look for in a website. I’ll help you revamp your blog so it can be more professional and appealing to brands.

This is when you’ll get your media kit, page for sponsors and packages ready. I’ll also teach you how to write a sponsored blog post and set the terms of your future collaborations.


Module 3 contains 5 powerful strategies that will help you land your first sponsored opportunity, quickly and easily find brands to reach out to, get found by sponsors, and more.

I’ll also share with you the exact email I use to pitch brands and a list of sponsored content platforms you can join right away.


Time to talk about money. You’ll learn the truth about how much you should charge, when to raise your prices and how to do it right.

I’ll share more about the legal aspect of getting paid for sponsored content and some things I’ve done to double my income.


Finally, I’ll save you a lot of time and confusion by showing you how to spot a bad client in under 1 minute, when to reject a sponsored blog post opportunity and how to do it well (with the exact email reply templates I’ve created after having received thousands of emails from brands over the years).

Here we’ll also talk about negotiating your rates with new clients, and making sure you get paid every time and on time.

There are also some pretty awesome bonuses

Here’s what else you get access to once you enroll in the Blog Sponsorship Boss:

Bonus #1: Case Studies ($47 value)

Join me behind the scenes of my 2 latest collaborations with big brands to see which the companies are, the exact emails we exchanged, the things we agreed upon, the content I created and how I prepared for it, and any other little detail involved.

The end result is earning $2,800 doing work I absolutely love and which didn’t take much of my time.

Bonus #2: Email Template to Pitch New Clients ($19 value)

Bonus #3: The Complete List of Sponsored Post Networks ($97 value)

Bonus #4: Email Reply Templates ($47 value)

Use these templates to make saying No easier and save yourself hours weekly.

Bonus #5: Brand Deal Tracker ($19 value)

Print out the Brand Deal Tracker and use it to always know at what stage of the deal you are with a client, to never miss important details, and to always know when to follow up.

Bonus #6: Lifetime Access (priceless)

Last but not least, once you enroll in the course, you get lifetime access so you can go back to the content whenever you feel like. That includes all future updates!


Excited to join and get access to all this? 

>> Learn more about the Blog Sponsorship Boss here.

In the Blog Sponsorship Boss, you'll learn how to start making money from sponsored blog posts, find and pitch brands, and get paid every time.