• 5 Tips to Avoid Cash Flow Issues

    Every successful business, especially those that manage to stick around longer than a few months, understand the importance of healthy cash flow. No matter how you look at it, cash flow is the one thing that will keep the business doors open if utilized properly and with mindfulness. And while small startup companies believe heavily […]


  • How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

    How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business in 2017

    Social media is a hot topic of discussion when it comes to online marketing for small and large businesses alike. It allows for a creative way of interaction with potential customers. You can create polls, run competitions, post pictures and so on to engage your audience. Instagram is one of the top social media platforms […]


  • How Yoga Can Help You Get Better Sleep at Night

    How Yoga Can Help You Get Better Sleep at Night

    If you think that cutting on coffee and sleeping pills are the only two ways to get proper sleep, then you are wrong. Yoga is highly effective for sleep deprivation. There are many reasons for this and different yoga poses that you can do. In fact, over 55% of yoga users state they sleep much […]


  • 10 Things to Do When You Feel Lonely

    9 Powerful Ways to Stop Overthinking Once and for All - what to do when you feel lonely

    Being lonely isn’t the same as feeling lonely. I hope you know how to differentiate these states as from time to time we all face such problems. A study has revealed that one in 10 people feel they don`t have a close friend and feel lonely even if they`re not alone. So being lonely is […]


  • What to Consider Before Airbnbing Your Home

    What to Consider Before Airbnbing Your Home

    Airbnb can give you an extra income – and it’s never been easier. Whether you’re on holiday, away on business or staying at a partner’s house, Airbnb management companies are now on hand to deal with the hassle.  Here’s what you need to know first: Self-Manage or Outsource? Being an Airbnb host can be an […]


  • How to Decide Whether a Personal Loan is a Good Idea

    Although the idea of taking out a loan could strike fear into your heart, it can actually be a good idea in some circumstances. For example, a home mortgage is a type of loan that you take out from your banking institution to allow you to own your own home. In this case, your home […]


  • 7 Tricks to Fix Your Online Reputation

    7 Tricks to Fix Your Online Reputation

    Whoever you are, you need to do something to fix your online reputation. The benefits are many, but the cost of not doing it and letting it be negative without even realizing can be big. Online reputation management, or ORM, is about taking control of all the information about you that can be found online, […]