• Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: 7 Habits to Stop Now

    overcoming negative self-talk

    We all have our inner voice and use it daily, whether we realize it or not. But it’s not always the best advisor. Luckily, overcoming negative self-talk is possible by breaking a few bad habits we have. Who needs enemies? After all, we do a pretty good job undermining ourselves. When I look back over […]


  • The Sacrifices on The Way to Success: Why Are They Necessary

    6 Common Goal-Setting Mistakes to Avoid - how to achieve anything in life - how to turn your life around

    Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.Napoleon Hill In order to get, you’ll have to give. And that’s not bad. Just the contrary, it makes it all meaningful, lets us enjoy the reward, lets us deserve it.But people don’t like to have ‘less’ of something. They feel […]


  • The Timeless Philosophy of Lao Tzu: 35 Deep Thoughts to Live By

    What Is Lifestyle Design? - Let's Reach Success

    We can all benefit from more kindness, compassion, wisdom and learning. We are often too busy dealing with non-essential stuff, too upset thinking about past and future, and too eager to complicate things by trying hard and putting effort. And because of that we can’t really see the beauty, simplicity and peace that surround us. […]


  • What Makes You Average (And How to Change That)

    what makes you average

    Being average is like a disease. It takes years of living in mediocrity to see the bad effects it has on your health, relationships and spiritual and mental life. But the results are quite depressing. To recognize it as a disease you need to let go of conventional wisdom and get out of the crowd. […]


  • The Only Way to Take Control of Your Life

    There are so many unpredictable situations in our life, outer factors like people, events, misunderstandings, notifications, the future and so on, that affect the way we feel. And we can’t really control it. But what we can control is our behavior, how we react to all these. And once we decide to take this in […]


  • How to Let Go of The Past and Future & Live in The Present

    what is lifestyle design - public speaking tips

    Are you constantly going back to the past or trying to prepare for tomorrow, being too attached to them and not letting go? Most people do that. And it almost never ends well as the only thing they achieve is ruining their present moment and bringing regrets, worries and stress into their life. We’re all […]