• A Birthday and Some Writing and Self-Improvement Progress

    How This Girl Quit Her Job Twice, Relocated and Became a Freelancer

    Happy birthday to me! Last year on this day I shared some life lessons I’ve learnt through the years. This year, I’m going to make a quick summary of how my writing and blogging is going. First, I want to say that it seems like I’m more productive and motivated than ever before.I’m reading, writing […]


  • How to Get Out of Bed Early in The Morning

    5 Nighttime Tips for Becoming a Better Morning Person

    How can you recognize a good day? Well, it starts with a successful morning routine in the early hours.Which lets you welcome the day in a great mood, get energized, plan out the rest of it and be productive. This sounds good. And it’s totally achievable. But it won’t work unless you get up early. […]


  • How to Become a Hard Worker While Loving What You Do

    How to Work from Anywhere in The World: A Guide for Aspiring Digital Nomads

    What’s the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the word ‘work’? Most would confess that it makes them upset right away as the picture of dreadful Mondays occurs in their head. We think of effort and pressure, of a grumpy boss, unpleasant atmosphere, stuff we have to do in a […]


  • How to Let go of Grudges and Learn to Forgive

    how to overcome social anxiety

    There are so many things on our minds at each moment. Most of them, however, are just not necessary and are ruining our present moment. We need to realize that we can’t control the world and change it so that it can be the way we like it. We shouldn’t be angry with the past, […]


  • The Power of Keystone Habits

    How Yoga Can Help You Get Better Sleep at Night

    We all have a list in our mind of the habits we want to develop. It’s right next to our vision of the future, to the person we want to become and the life we want to live. And we’ve put this list aside with the relieving thought that we’ll get to it someday.But that […]


  • How to Win The Battle with Procrastination

    How to Get More Bookings on Airbnb: An Expert's Guide

    The more you put off something, the more pain your create in your life. Because anticipating the thing you have to – do but don’t want to – is painful. Going to the gym, for example, is easy once you’re there. But you can anticipate it a whole week before that, and now the brain […]


  • 25 Good Morning Quotes to Start the Day Right

    25 Good Morning Quotes to Start the Day Right - benefits of journaling

    There’s always been something magical about mornings. Not the ones in which you get up at noon and feel lazy for the rest of the day. Or when you don’t hear the first alarm, sleep in and start the day in such a hurry that you forget many things, are grumpy and can’t do anything […]


  • How Letting Go Saves You from Procrastination

    7 Bad Relationship Habits to Quit Right Away to Rebuild Trust and Love

    Imagine a world where procrastination doesn’t exist. People won’t feel stressed, overwhelmed or upset just by looking at their tasks for the day. No one would complain about, analyze, fear or put off what needs to be done. They will just do it. By simply starting, being focused, doing a small part of it, and […]