• 70 Signs of Spiritual Growth

    9 Practical Ways to Save Time by Doing Less

    I believe we’ve come to the time where we need to open our eyes for what’s going on around us. To see the world as it is, along with the things we usually remain blind for. I believe there is more than just the mundane life we know with its daily worries.People are sometimes too […]


  • How to Turn Your Life from Negative to Positive

    Stop Being Shy and Increase Confidence Today in These 3 Ways

    Have you ever come up to the point in your life when you just can’t go on like that? When you aren’t satisfied with your results and performance? When you don’t know what to do but are absolutely sure that this isn’t the right way to live? When you know that there is something more […]


  • How to Go Beyond Average: The Habit of Going The Extra Mile

    14 Amazing Business and Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Nikola Tesla - habits of highly effective people

    “You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.” Napoleon Hill Everyone is good enough for anything. But a small number of people are remarkable in what they do because they go the extra […]


  • How to Go with The Flow

    How to Work from Home Online: 5 Crucial Areas to Keep It Rewarding

    All the problems we have come from us not being okay with something and discontent with the way things (or we ourselves) are. We seek happiness in external sources (food, alcohol, other people, etc.) We don’t trust ourselves, we don’t believe we’re good enough or that we deserve a great life and are able to […]


  • The Superpowers We Wish We Had

    We all want to change certain things in our current lifestyle, and most of them are connected to the outer world. Some want a better job, a bigger income, to start their own business, to have great relationships, to exercise more. Others seek more fun, better social skills, material stuff or else. And if we […]


  • 29 Life Lessons Learned in 22 Years

    Freelancer vs Blogger vs Course Creator: Which Business Model is Right for You?

    It was my birthday a few days ago. I’ll share with you some of the harsh things I’ve noticed, experienced and understood about life in general. Some of you may define them as negative. I’d rather say they are realistic. And yes, that’s not the most positive post I’ve written. But I think it’s an […]


  • Successes So Far

    Although I deny living in the past (and try to follow the minimalist principle of consciously experiencing the present moment), there are a few exceptions. They are certain situations and circumstances that allow referring to the past. One of them is to go back in time and try to analyze our previous behavior, mistakes and […]


  • 5 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life More

    slow down to enjoy life more

    What’s with the rush? Why are we always in a hurry to go somewhere and do something? We live fast. Even if we don’t do much, we manage to be busy setting goals, adding new unnecessary items to our to-do lists, aiming higher, engaging in different activities and working all the time. We end up […]