• On Our Way to Inner Realization

    inner realization

    We are all after something. Some call it happiness, security, a loving family, success, or prefer to find it in the face of money and luxurious life. Others turn to religion, spend their lives in loneliness, dedicate all their time and energy to art, books, sport, work or else. All these people have one thing […]


  • 10 Simple Steps to Benefit from Failure and Turn It into Success

    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. – Henry Ford You seem to be doing everything right but somehow you always fail. That makes you have a negative opinion about yourself, lose hope and lack motivation to persevere. But you know what? Everyone fails. With one exception – those who […]


  • 9 Significant Facts about Life We Should Never Forget

    Top 10 Most Expensive Places to Travel Once in a Lifetime

    In life there are many rules, principles and things to learn and understand. Society expects you to think in a certain way, to behave somehow and to know particular things that are considered important by the current generation. On the other hand there are the laws of the universe, the advice of your parents and […]


  • How to Embrace Insecurity and Live the Life You Deserve

    How to Embrace Insecurity and Live the Life You Deserve

    “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”John Allen Paulos Most people spend their lives trying to reach financial stability, to feel safe at the place they live, to have a job they won’t get fired from, to have loyal friends, a faithful partner and […]


  • 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Workout

    enjoy your workout

    If you’ve decided to improve yourself by shaping your body and getting fit, you will eventually start going to the gym. Every workout will be either hard, easy, pleasant, exhausting or else, depending on your attitude toward it. Many things can disturb you while you work out. Someone can talk you out of going to […]


  • How to Choose Less (and How it Actually Leads to Having More)

    How to Stop Being Judgemental

    Manifest plainness,  embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.Lao Tzu Less is better, and most of the time it is more. Simplicity is the origin of a happy, balanced and contented life. This lifestyle is a choice. Everyone can have it but no matter how simple it may sound (in a nutshell, you just need […]


  • 7 Extraordinary Things You Can Learn From a Child

    When I see a child, I smile. I do it unintentionally. Then I think of how less I smile now compared to when I was younger. Children are innocent, happy, excited, honest, and do only things that make them smile more. With that behavior they affect the people around them and make their life happier […]


  • Confessions of a Failed One (and How to Deal with Failure)

    I have failed. Again. At the same thing. I still have a long way to go until I reach Thomas Edison’s personal record of 10,000 times of not succeeding, though (that always encourages me). First, you should know that by writing this post I don’t want to earn your compassion, ask for help and support […]


  • 4 Ways to Reveal the Secret of Life

    the secret of life

    What’s the secret of life? What’s its purpose? Who are we? Where are we heading? Those questions have different answers for everyone, different explanation and factors that influence each. We can all find them and reveal the meaning of everything. I use the word ‘find’ simply because all we need to know is inside us, […]