Optimizing your bodily functions with diet is one of the newest crazes to hit mainstream attention these days. It seems that everybody has, at the bare minimum, some omega-3s lying around to help keep their brains happy and healthy.

Besides reaching for a bottle of supplements, there are other ways to add in some valuable nutrients for your brain.

One of the most valuable and healthy of those options is by adding some more nuts into your diet.

People who eat lots of nuts are noted for having some extra longevity and being able to stave off dementia and similar brain-draining diseases because of the protective chemicals nuts can provide.

Here’s where you should be looking when you need some nuts for extra brain power:


These nuts are the be-all-end-all for brain health because of their high DHA content.

DHA is a type of omega-3 acid shown to improve cognitive performance in adults and keep age-related cognitive decline in check.

A quarter cup of walnuts will get you your daily intake of DHA, which makes it a pretty simple choice for those who want to protect their craniums going into the future.


A lesser-known vitamin helpful to stave off brain decline is niacin.

Many studies correlate niacin deficiencies with things like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Some studies even suggest that peanuts on their own are great for avoiding Alzheimer’s altogether.

One cup of peanuts will get you your daily dose of niacin – not too hard to remember. 


Free radicals are chemicals in the body that contribute to the oxidation of your body’s cells.

Oxidation is seen as an adverse outcome that can lead to cancer and impaired functioning. The high levels of vitamin E and other antioxidants in almonds make them an excellent choice for keeping yourself at your best mentally.

Those who have a high intake of almonds are found to have a much better memory than those who skimp on this tasty treat.


The minerals you’ll supplement by adding cashews into your diet are none other than zinc and magnesium.

Zinc is excellent for maintaining immune health which helps the brain long-term, and magnesium has been shown to improve mood in depressed individuals.

Things to Avoid

Despite the impressive power these nuts have, if you don’t purchase intelligently, you might end up negating a lot of the benefits you may be receiving.

Avoid nuts that are roasted in fatty oils or are salted, as these will end up hurting you more in the long run. While this might make your nuts tastier and easy to consume, it will end up creating more problems than what you’re solving.


As long as you buy natural nuts that haven’t been processed to the point where their nutritional value is next to nothing, you’ll be well-served by adding these nuts into your diet for their brain-boosting prowess.

If you had to eat just one of these nuts for their brain benefits, go with walnuts as they have massive quantities of DHA.