Extreme Budget Traveling: Quick Travel Hacks for Your Next Adventure

Extreme Budget Traveling: Quick Travel Hacks for Your Next Adventure

This is a guest post by Joseph Sartori.

Do you still think that you need to spend thousands of dollars on traveling? This article will demystify all of your fears concerning budget traveling.

Here are some useful tips for buying cheap airline tickets, booking inexpensive accommodation, saving money on entertainment and restaurants and more.

Cheap Airline Tickets

• Buy the flight tickets earlier.

You’ll get a bigger discount this way.

• Don’t get them on Friday.

Friday is the most costly day for traveling by plane, so choose any other day.

• Ticket prices also differ depending on the low or high season.

Take into account this fact when you buy them.

• Book indirect flights.

They are much cheaper than the direct ones.

• Watch out for extra costs.

If you fly with low-priced airlines, be prepared to pay additional money for your baggage or take only a carry-on luggage.

• Avoid the most obvious tourist trails.

There is always something that is cheaper and worth your attention. Instead of going to overcrowded Paris, choose one of the 11 remarkable countries anyone can visit on a college budget.

• Explore your own country.

Make an investment in domestic tourism.


• If you want to travel fast, book group transfers.

• Use Uber applications.

• Travel with a large company.

You’ll be able to share the cost of rentals (car and apartments), petrol, etc.

• Travel by motorhome.

Particularly if you plan to visit a country with a beautiful landscape.

• Make the most of the car you rent.

To take budget traveling further, your rented car can be used not only as a mean of transportation, but as a roof over your head and a place for storing your stuff as well.

If you decide to rent the car, pick the cheapest model to decrease the deposit amount.

• Pay attention to the free options provided by rental services.

You can get an additional driver or a full tank.

• Take your own navigator.

But do not forget to update the maps.

Hotels and Apartments

travel on a budget

• Last minute booking.

The hotel can be cheap if you book it in advance, but it can be even cheaper if you book it at the last moment (for today).

• Travel during the low season when hotels cost a fraction.

For example, most tourists go to Iceland in the summer. However, if you visit it in winter, you’ll get a chance to see the northern lights.

• Avoid holidays.

Do not travel on holidays and other important events like carnivals or conferences. The hotels will be super expensive and overbooked.

• Find a place in the center of the city.

Pick the hotel (apartment, hostel) close to the city attractions where you will be spending most of your time. It will help you save money on public transport.

• Check late in the evening and the hotel may upgrade your room for free.

• Get a private place.

In case you plan to live in one place for a long time, book a private apartment. Use Airbnb to do that.

• If you travel by car, consider the option of staying in motels or tourist camps.

Cheap Mobile Internet Is a Necessity

You can use it for booking airline tickets, hotels, navigating your car, and looking for restaurants.

If you are a student, it will help you get your assignments anywhere in the world, as well as a reliable paper writing service will assist you with any paper or task.

Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to get travel insurance. I’d recommend one from WorldNomads.com. You can buy at home or while traveling, and claim online from anywhere in the world.


Food, Drinks and Entertainment

• Eat at locals.

Try to avoid restaurants with rich décor and a menu on several sheets. They are intended only for tourists. Look for local places with a laconic menu. They are more natural and perhaps cheaper.

• Take a look at the menu.

Before entering the restaurant, examine its menu, which is usually hanging at the entrance.

• Ask for discounts.

Some hotel receptions provide brochures with the list of local restaurants and coupons for discounts, so don’t be embarrassed to ask for them.

• Don’t visit restaurants with the Tripadvisor’s sticker.

They are too popular and expensive.

• No need for a guide.

Don’t use the services of guides when you have excellent free audio guides and similar mobile applications. Buying a paper travel guide makes no sense as well.

• Find free events.

Many museums offer days when they can be visited for free. Look for this information, as well as for ideas for cheap entertainment, on the Internet.

As you see, these are very simple-to-implement yet effective travel hacks for budget traveling. Even if you use only half of them, you’ll notice that the budget of your trip gets reduced.

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