When you open up a new venture for yourself it can be a question of where you want to work and how you will fit everything you need into the space.

Depending on the business you want to run for yourself, a simple spare room might not cut it. This will mean that you need to go out and find an office space for yourself.

Here are some top ways to make an office for yourself this year without spending the earth.

Buy a shed

The first and most simple way to create an office space for yourself this year is to build one in your back garden.

You can buy office sheds online which will have windows and the ability to add electricity, and you can build it at the back of the garden and allow yourself to work for much less.

This can be a great thing because you will be able to customise the space to your liking and it can be as small or large as you need without spending too much.

Upcycle and recycle

Always look for ways that you can recycle and upcycle old furniture and other objects around the home.

If you are looking for new ways to use your old objects you can always find some really great ideas on Pinterest so you will never struggle for inspiration.

You can turn a bookcase into a filing system, a stool into a side table and lots more. Why bother spending money on new furniture when you can make your own custom furniture for less?

Make time in the working week

If you have a team working with you in your business, you will be able to cut down on the price of the work by getting them to work with you to complete the project yourself.

Hiring builders to come in and do labour can be expense and this will often make things difficult for you cost wise. By having people working on their payroll while doing the work, you are saving money which can be spent elsewhere in the business.

Cause less damage

If you want to make sure that you are getting the cheapest possible office this year, why not look for a remote area such as a swamp or a forest to build it?

You can buy cheap plots of land here and they are much better for you to manage than one in the city. You can use Northern Mat & Bridge to transport heavy goods, get your team to work and have a unique and characterful office built within a short space of time.

Make it personal

When the office is finally done you will want to add your personal stamp. You can get each employee to choose a piece of art to hang around the space and you can think about painting the walls some bright and happy colours.

You can make an office for much less if you are smart about it and it will be a great way for you to build a successful business this year.